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Chicago Gameday 40 is March 21 at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL


Woohoo! Another Gameday for the books.

According to Warhorn, we had 45 attendees; by my own count, it was 47. However, I don't think many of the players at the Dawn Patrol table signed in, so I'm guessing the real count was probably just north of 50. Which is fantastic! That's the largest Gameday we've had since Gameday 36 back in October of 2013, and that one was a potential record-breaker.

Plus, I saw a lot of new faces this time around, something that always makes me happy! MORE BLOOD FOR THE GAMEDAY GOD!

Here are the photos I took yesterday. I regret that I was so wrapped up in my afternoon event, that I didn't get any shots of the other events. If anyone has some they'd like to share, please feel free.

I want to thank Games Plus for hosting our little event, to thank all of our volunteer GMs for providing us with events, and to everyone who attended. I hope you all had fun, and I hope to see you at the Gameday 41.

Speaking of which: Gameday 41 will be happening on July 11th. Mark your calendars!

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