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Hey Buzz, are you going to put some of the pix on the website? Also, if Oct. 16th is the official date, shall I start on a new banner ad? I could probably work up some flyers & posters too, if I start early.
I know it is still a ways off but I am also creating the pre-reg & onsite books for Conception. As such my free time will be limited the closer it gets to October.

let me know. :)


I was certainly thinking about putting some of the pix on the site. :)

As for the banner ad, I would hold off just a bit. I want to re-do the look of the site a bit, and the ad should reflect that look.


The man with the probe
Reidzilla said:
Either the 16th or the 23rd is OK with me. The only thing I have booked in October is Conception from the 7th-10th in Rosemont.

Also, I am declairing now that I will be running events BOTH sessions and BOTH will happen! Even if I have to create my own players out of Potted Meat, Duct tape, and three week old Jell-o! :D

Awaiting the Dawn / Chapter 1: The Prophet of Benuvale
D&D 3.5 Alternate world setting (some house rules)

Benuvale was once a quiet, peaceful village. It was know for its lush crops but, when not a single Benuvalen farmer came to the Royal Harvest Festival to show their wares, rumors began. Rumors of curses and misfortune plaguing the village, of an unknown priest holding them at bay, and of many unnatural deaths; rumors that simply do not add up to anything good.
Join a young Inquisitor and his companions in the first chapter of their story. (10th Level PCs provided)
6 players

Allied Avengers Assemble!
Mutants and Masterminds system (Green Ronin) (some home rules)

During the conclusion of the 19th century, strange reports began to appear across the world of people who could crush boulders barehanded, lift trains over their heads, and even fly through the air like a bird! None of these reported sightings were ever given much credence until the emergence of super-humans during World War One. Since that time, several exceptional people have come forward and revealed their unique abilities in the to protect the innocent, to up hold the ideals of their nation, or for profit and fame.
With Germany’s declaration of war upon the world and Hitler’s unveiling of his Ueberstahl armored vehicles and troops, Great Britain has called upon the heroes of the Allied nations to fight for freedom!
Join in a “Golden Age” style romp through an alternate history World War Two! A plethora of Heroes will be provided.
6 players

What? No Darwin's World?

Anyway, I can come on the 23rd, but not on the 16th.

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