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The Aftermath...

(This post will always be updated with the most current information.)

ENWorld Chicago Gameday is a day of FREE gaming held at earth's finest game store, Games Plus. The next gameday is June 26th. To participate, simply reply to this thread with your intention play in one of the following events. Reply or PM me (buzz) with any questions.

Please note that all player sign-ups are subject to GM approval. Approval for Slot-1:Game-5 and Slot-2:Game-3 require email contact with ENWorlder Mark.

Our host:
Games Plus
101 W Prospect Ave
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
(847) 577-9656
Hosts: Curt Duval & Jeff Swegler (owners)

Our schedule:
  • Slot 0: Breakfast
    To be held from 8:00am to 9:00am at Little America (
    located across the Metra tracks and a couple blocks northwest of Games Plus
    ). Arrive at the store by 9:00am to settle in to your game tables.
  • Slot 1: Morning events from 9:30am to 2:30pm
  • Meal break from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. Be sure to come back on time for the...
  • Prize drawing from 3:30pm to 4:00pm. Featuring prizes from (so far) Atlas Games, Bad Axe Games, Bastion Press, Contested Ground Studios, Expeditious Retreat Press, Khan's Press, MonkeyGod Enterprises, Necromancer Games, RPG Objects, and Sovereign Press... and a signed copy of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting book donated by KnowTheToe! You must sign up for games in advance (i.e., here) to be eligible for prizes.
  • Slot 2: Afternoon events from 4:00pm to 9:00pm (or later)

Slot 0: Breakfast
No limit to number of attendees.

1. buzz (I'm gonna try at least.)
2. jalea
3. William Ronald
4. Barendd Nobeard
5. omokage
6. Trevalon Moonlerion
7. JoeGKushner
8. Painfully
9. CalicoDancer (if able to wake up on time ;) )
10. PBartender
11. Shadowbane

Current games for Slot 1

Game 1: The Hoffman Identity
(Dark*Matter [d20 Modern])

Summary - The Hoffman Institute is the world's preeminent paranormal research organization. You work for its Special Division, in Blue Section. You do black ops. You're the best of the best. You've seen it all. You're ready for anything.

You're also hung over, sitting in a holding cell in some small mountain town, dressed like a lumberjack, and have absolutely no idea how you got there.


10th-level heroes will be provided.
GM - Buzz
Seats - closed
1. Pbartender
2. jalea
3. William Ronald
4. Baron Von Starblade
5. Kareyev
6. rowport

Game 2: On a Road to Nowhere: N1 – The Right of Adulthood
(Darwin's World, 2nd Ed [d20 modern])

Summary - Life was hard living on the edge of the wasteland but you'd grown up to thrive on the challenge. Soon your diverse home village just wasn’t enough for you anymore. You wanted to see what's left of the world. Your chance came with the arrival of the famous trade caravan of Lord Zehgo. The merchants were looking for help; Warriors, Explorers, Scouts, and Craftsmen were all needed. And so, you left your home in search of adventure.

To increase profits, Lord Zehgo has ordered that the caravan will be trailblazing a new trade route towards the fabled land of Nowhere. After days of travel in the wastes, you have come upon a friendly tribal settlement surprisingly rich in water, artifacts, and metals. Unfortunately, the dealing runs into a snag when the tribal chief points out that, according to tribal law, only those who have passed the Right of Adulthood may barter or be bartered with! After some clever negotiations, Lord Zehgo comes back to the caravan with good news. If the caravan sends a group to participate in the Right of Adulthood, and they succeed, then trade can commence between the caravan and the tribe.

As new recruits, Lord Zehgo asks you to go as a test of your loyalty to the caravan. At the rate of triple pay and rights to 50% of any goods found, how could any red-blooded (or green-blooded for that matter) adventurer refuse!

The GM will provide a variety of pre-generated characters.
GM - Reidzilla
Seats - 6 open
1. Bront
2. spacepirat3
3. moquif

Game 3 & Game 4:Two tables. Two GMs. ONE ULTIMATE PRIZE!
(D&D 3.5e)

Summary - The war has dragged on and everyone's getting sick of it. Neither side can maintain an advantage and it seems there are two steps back for every step forward. If the war drags on much longer, *both* kingdoms will be ruined, but each side is too stubborn to stop fighting first. As information--some false, some true--flows back and forth, both sides begin to focus on rumors of a powerful magical artifact. Perhaps this relic will give your side the advantage needed to win the war! The war that has dragged on for years now comes down to this: a race to find the planet's most potent magic before the enemy. Get there first! Or die trying...

Private room (one table).

Table 1:
GM - Barendd Nobeard
Players - 2 open
1. Kid Charlemange
2. JoeGKushner
3. Sqwonk
4. socpsychguy

Table 2
GM - Trevalon Moonleirion
Players - 2 open
1. CalicoDancer
2. Chuck G
3. Shadowbane
4. Ronin84

Game 5: Group Combat Demo/Playtest (On a Minis Table)

Summary - I'll be putting some new rules for Group Combat through their paces with the help of a select group of participants.

GM - Mark
Seats - closed
1. thalmin
2. Painfully
3. omokage
4. Braunusvald

Game 6: The Voyage of the Damned
(Ravenloft campaign & D&D 3.0 ed core ruleset)

Summary - It is a cold, dark and rainy night in the coastal town of Davenport. A mysterious fog has slowly crept into town, blanketing the area in a creepy fashion and bringing with it, a foreboding sense of sadness and despair. At the Black Raven Inn, a group of hardened adventurers gather at a table to drink and reflect on better times. Down on their luck from a depressed economy and lack of work, they yearn for an opportunity to escape their current state of misfortune and make some decent gold away along the way. Suddenly, they notice a young lad posting a sign up on the wall at the far end of the bar. In ever widening anticipation, the adventurers slowly walk over to read the sign. As if in answer to their collective prayers, they read the sign and feel a sudden rush of excitement as they finally have found that one chance they all have been waiting for.

"First ye served! To all that see this fine offer, let it be known the ye famous and generous Captain Van Der Decken offers the grand sum of 1,000 gold coins to each adventurer to function as Men-At-Arms in defense of ye fabled S.S. Leviathan on its voyage to the New Frontiers! May thy dedicated and honourable among thee please bring thine poster as proof of thine sincerity to the port office in the Harbour of the fine town of Davenport!
Most admirably.
McGruder, ship steward"

5th level pregenerated heroes will be provided. Extra backup characters and NPC's will be available for continued play for those who suffer an early demise!
A grid map and figs will also be provided.
Seats- 1 open
1. KnowTheToe
2. Ebechan
4. madthio
5. Yukon Cornelius
6. Yukon Cornelius' wife

Current games for Slot 2

Game 1: Gaming at Delilah's
(d20 Modern)

Summary - The new casino, Delilah's, is pretty quiet tonight. It's a weeknight and there are plenty of seats at any of the games. It's been a lucky night for everyone while the roulette wheel keeps pulling up the same numbers and the blackjack dealer can't help but bust. Just when the heroes feel that their luck has hit a peak, they find out that it's all downhill from here.
Several characters will be provided to choose from.
GM - omokage
Seats - 1 open
1. Barnedd Nobeard
2. PatrickTH
3. socpsychguy
4. Pbartender
5. buzz

Game 2: Freya's Cloak
(D&D 3.5)

Summary - Skallgrim the Red has done the unthinkable - he has stolen Freya's Cloak from her palace in Folkvang and vanished! The greatest heroes of the Vikings have assembled in the Great Hall of King Halldorr to retrieve the Cloak and avenge this outrage. Their task: Journey to Skallgrim's Hall and bring back the Cloak, whatever the cost, whatever the means.
14th level characters provided.
GM - Kid Charlemagne
Seats - closed
1. Reidzilla
3. Baron VonStarblade
4. Bront
5. Ebechan
6. madthio

Game 3: The Reluctant Heroes of Datheham

Summary - The continuing adventures of those wonderful adventurers (with, perhaps, a few special guests!)

Nth-level characters (provided, if necessary)
GM - Mark
Seats - Possibly one seat available
1. William Ronald
2. Deron
3. Trevalon Moonlerion
4. Shadowbane
5. Braunusvald
6. Email only, please.

Game 4: Who Wants to Be a God?
(D&D Miniatures)

Summary - Wanted: god to be patron of dungeon battles. Must prove ability to guide dungeon combat. No deific experience required.

Dungeon arena-style battle(s) for 2-6 players. Each player will be provided an encounter group of 100 points. Figures used will be from the Harbinger, Dragoneye, and Archfiend sets (Giants of Legends might also be used, if available). I can run 2 separate battles on one table, so can handle total of 2-12 players. Rules will be taught.

GM - thalmin
Seats - 12

Game 5: BONUS SEMINAR: Painting Seminar
Summary - Learn to paint or tweak your skills. Some of the things I can cover include:
  • Basic Materials - Paint, brushes and brush care, primer, thinning agents, palettes, etc…
  • Prepping miniatures - Filing, trimming, pinning, gluing and basing
  • Thinning Paints – proper consistency, washes & glazes
  • Advance painting Techniques – Drybrushing, layering, blending
I will also be available for any questions or quick demonstrations. If there is enough interest, I will do this at the next game day as well.

This will be a hands-on interactive seminar.

I will supply everything needed, but feel free to bring your own stuff. I will have some pre-primed and based miniatures ready to paint for anyone who needs them. I will also be creating a handout that covers the basics for future reference. Email me at with any questions.

"GM" - KnowTheToe
Seats - closed
1. jalea
2. JoeGKushner
3. Painfully
4. spacepirat3
5. Nikmal
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W00t! Here we go, folks. Sign up for an event and get your game on!

Note to GMs: If your event description is still listed as "more details to come", please post final descriptions ASAP. Thanks!
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Kid Charlemagne

I am the Very Model of a Modern Moderator
Hey, Buzz, sign me up for the two table game (#4 & 5), either table is fine. Also, I noticed Baron VonStarBlade had asked in for my game in slot two, but I don't know if you want to wait for him to ask here...
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omokage, Kid Charlemange: You've been added to the games you mentioned.

As for the Baron, I'll wait until he posts here. I think he may have requested my game as well, but I don't want to presume.

Prize update: It looks like we may have Eden Studios on board for a prize donation as well! Further bulletins as events warrant.


First Post
Hey gang!

Please sign me up for:
Slot 1 Game 2 - Buzz' D20 Dark Matter
Slot 2 Game 6 - Know the Toe's Painting seminar



William Ronald

Hi, Buzz:

Sign me up for breakfast and for The Hoffman Identity in Slot 1. As a remindr, I am volunteering to serve as a "back up" GM if we have a lot of walk-ins or a cancellation for Slot 1. (I can also provide anyone who wants to volunteer as a back up DM for Slot 2 with an adventure to run.) I am already signed up for Slot 2.

Comoe on, June!

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