Chicago Gameday: Read about what you missed

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Retired game store owner
buzz said:
Is there a set of Rock'em-Sock'em Robots at GP? :)

Mmm... d20 Rock'em-Sock'em Robots... Mmm...
Sorry, no Rock'em-Sock'ems, but no objection if someone wants to bring 'em.

JoeGKushner said:

Sounds good. Sign me up.

Game 4 & Game 5:Two tables. Two GMs. ONE ULTIMATE PRIZE!
(D&D 3.5e)

This sounds fun. Sign me up.

The painting Seminar:

Sounds excellent and I'd really appreciate some new tips and ideas.

Sign this man up!


First Post
For the benefit of the Baron, I post this link, and hope Buzz and the appropriate GM's will approve.

GM's please take a look.

*edit* Maybe I can make try this:
Baron Von Starblade said:
Wow there appears to be a superb selection of games this time around. Sign me up for the Hoffman Identity in the AM slot, and Freya's Cloak in the afternoon slot.

Technically speaking, he posted it himself. I'm just flashing it for him.
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Okay, I've added Joe to the Ultimate Prize, the Baron to my d20M game, and Painfully to breakfast.

Painfully: nothing for slot 1?


First Post
I've already got Mark's combat playtest in the morning slot. Although I'd probably sign up for ALL the slot 1 AND slot 2 games if it were in any way remotely humanly possible! Somebody make me a clone or 3! Oh, wait. Gotta wait for Paranoia XP (coming this August) before I can do that trick! :D


FCWesel said:
Buzz. Should anyone want to sign up for my game, just add them on: "First Come First Serve". Is that okay?
Will do.

I'm not sure why this policy of approval was added in recent gamedays, but I was just continuing the tradition. Do GMs prefer it one way or another?

Kid Charlemagne

I am the Very Model of a Modern Moderator
I only know a few of the players, so it doesn't matter to me. Baron VonStarblade I know, so if you want to add him to my Freya's Cloak game, go right ahead.

I don't mind just adding the players - I don't need to approve them.

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