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D&D 5E Choose 3 to protect you (a poll)

Choose three to protect you, while the rest try to kill you!


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Based on @merkili's thread here: D&D General - Choose 3 to protect you


The options are, left to right top to bottom:
500 kobolds, 1 red greatwyrm, 4 Solars, 20 tyrannosaurus rex, a level 20 party, 5 purple worms, 50 nilbogs, 8 beholders, 5 storm giants.

For the sake of you not getting killed instantly, you can assume yourself to be a commoner with 500 hp. You can answer both in terms of game mechanics or based on lore.

What would you choose? Vote for the three who would protect you while the rest try to kill you!

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I'd try and go for storm giants, purple worms, and the adventurers. Storm giants could start a storm which should for the most part negate flying, and can kill off a good amount of the kobolds. The adventures are too versatile in my opinion to leave on the enemy team, and they can help the giants survive for longer. The worms can burrow so they can mostly ignore the weather and hopefully can take me with them too so I'm protected. The main thing that is scary are the nilbogs, since they can disrupt the whole storm making before it even starts, but if starts I think I'd have a good enough chance.


Action economy is super important but...those kobolds could all be dead before they even get a turn. So I dunno - it really depends on the context.

I would go with the adventurers, Beholders, and Solars. The adventurers are the most flexible, and since it seems like I get to choose, I am going to make sure that there is a Moon Druid and at least 2 wishes in the mix. Those Beholders will add a ton of control, and Solars are unbelievably mobile and heavy hitting.

Edit: Like, how do 500 kobolds take down even one Solar, let alone four? It has 150' fly, and 120' teleport that it can cast for 1 legendary action, and a searing burst that will automatically kill every kobold in a 10' radius, so every turn it can just take out a chunk of them with total impunity. Having 500 actions doesn't do much in that situation.
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Solars have the Resurrection spell, so even if I die, they can bring me back. Good in a fight too, easy choice.

Greatwyrm is the strongest individually, good AoE to wipe out the Kobolds.

The party ought to have some Teleportation or Plane Shift spell, so they can just send me to somewhere safe while the other enemies have no way to give chase.


Does the adventuring party have prep of any sort, or are they magically gear-less and experience-less level 20s?

I'd still take them regardless, and probably wouldn't even bother making a second or third pick, but I'm curious as to how badly the others are screwed over in this scenario.

I'd still take them regardless, and probably wouldn't even bother making a second or third pick, but I'm curious as to how badly the others are screwed over in this scenario.
Seriously with 8 beholders, 1 red great wyrm, 4 solars and 5 storm giants. That is some ball-sy adventurers. :ROFLMAO:
I suppose you could plane shift and then deal with the 4 solars who gave chase. ;)

4 adventurers to plane shift us to Celestia. 4 solars to vouch for us and get sanctuary in Celestia. 5 storm giants who probably won't catch flak for being in Celestia.

All the others are either KOS in Celestia, or can't get there on their own.

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