D&D 5E Choose 3 to protect you (a poll)

Choose three to protect you, while the rest try to kill you!

The Party of 4 Level 20 PCs is a real no-brainer for me. They can probably take on all the rest at once.

But if I can choose, then give me 4 level 20 spellcasters with AoE spells. Surround them with the solars as tanks. And then have the beholders on our side, not because we need then anymore but only because we don't want them against us.

In order to be effective, kobolds (30/120 ranged sling), nilbogs (30 ft laughter), T-rexes (melee only) and purple worms (melee only) all need to get in close (60 ft or less). They will all get in each other's way to fight effectively. Meanwhile the L20 PCs have AoE spells and will make a meat grinder. Also, I will have at least one L20 Charisma-based caster (+12 or higher Cha save) who will target the Nilbogs. But if I would know up front about the Nilbogs, I would get at least 2 Cha-based casters.

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