D&D General Choose 3 to protect you


The options are, left to right top to bottom:
500 kobolds, 1 red greatwyrm, 4 Solars, 20 tyrannosaurus rex, a level 20 party, 5 purple worms, 50 nilbogs, 8 beholders, 5 storm giants.

For the sake of you not getting killed instantly, you can assume yourself to be a commoner with 500 hp. You can answer both in terms of game mechanics or based on lore.

What would you choose?

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Morkus from Orkus
500 kobolds, 20 t-rexes, and 50 nilbogs.

5E's action economy means they'll utterly destroy the rest.
Sure, but the dragon brings the 500 kobolds with him and with 4 solars that's 12 resurrections to use on the dragon, so I get 13 red great wyrms. More if there's a cleric among the party. :)


The High Aldwin
Party, Solars, & Dragon.

I am setting this up as a poll since I think tracking responses would be easier that way:


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