Christmas Special The Snowmen

Vyvyan Basterd

Why shouldn't it be a catchphrase used just by the villain of this episode? It is basically what he was trying to accomplish, after all.

It seems unlikely to me because the villain overused it. That would make him rather repetitive for no reason. We'd "get" the catchphrase after one use. Usually that sort of thing comes up over and over, like "Bad Wolf", when it carries greater meaning.

It could be that (what?) Moffat was showing how (what?) ironic it is for (what?) a being known as (what?) the Greater Intelligence to (what?) be as thick as (what?) a pro wrestler babbling (what?) out his catchphrase repeatedly (what?).

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Hey, if it were any other phrase, I'd totally be looking out for it to become the next season's Arc Words. I just don't see Moffatt being so unoriginal as to steal another current, popular series's Arc Words.


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Going to watch this tonight. I've been told it's really good. To be honest, I was disappointed with last year's special - it wasn't bad, but my favorite was 2010's "A Christmas Carol" which I felt set the bar for how to do a good Doctor Who Christmas story.

Mark CMG

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So, Oswin exists at multiple points in time, and if one (or two) of her gets killed, you can just go off and find another one?

I'm starting to see why the Doctor likes her.

Indeed. It's a fresh way for him to deal with companions. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to go through another cycle of the Doctor gaining and losing another companion with the bout of depression that follows, and then they turned it on its head. Good show! :)


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has anyone heard reports of a Troughton look-alike being recruited?

anyway I had a speculative epiphany whilst at the rodeo yesterday

I reckon the season is going to be re-presenting the whole 'lost stories' especially those related to Troughton (which are most of the missing). So I'm predicting that the Great Intelligence and Snowmen were just the first of the Troughton villains that will be back. So yep Ice Warriors,cybermen and Daleks (duh)

will the War Chief be back?

(and I'm liking my Clara is a Human with the Dalek Factor theory even more:)


I got the impression that she did, in fact, die in the fall and was brought back by Strax's advanced medical knowledge & technology (they mentioned her revival only being temporary, though I think Strax, Lady Vastra, and The Doctor all thought it would last longer than it did).
That was my impression as well. Lady Vastra's Life-Signy-Indicator-Thingy did say she was dead on the lawn, after all.

I really liked Strax. Sort of a Companion that wasn't. A pet rock sort of thing. Or pet potato.

Definitely want to see more of Clara Oswin. Yum. :) I love that she's probably cleverer than the Doctor. Less educated, but quicker.

Hand of Evil

from the very beginning, even Carole Ann Ford was a bit of alright in her day

But there is something special with Jenna-Louise Coleman, she has a lot of chrisma. I don't think this is just because her character is well written, all the new Companions have had good writing.


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Really enjoyed the episode, particularly the gleeful fun banter between everyone. Some of the funniest stuff I've heard in a Who episode.

Interesting to hear about the various theories on Oswin.

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