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DCC City of Tomorrow IC (DC/Blood of Heroes)


Lady Vic leaps over one of Blockade's massive mitts. "Why Mister Blockade...we have yet to be even properly introduced. You American men are so forward!" She says in a British accent.

Stallion does his best Bruce Lee impersonation with his nunchucks. "I don't even know what a ninny is..But I reckon it's insultin'!" He whaps several times at 0/Gs..who feels the impact however his gravity field cushions the impact enough to resist injury.

Lady Vic aborts her dice action to dodge. So Blockade misses.
Stallion attacks with 2 nunchucks. He gets 2 shifts..just shy of hurting 0/Gs.
Brutale does something.
Zero is up


"Ninny was a play on ninja. Which you are not!" the young hero quips to keep his courage up. He calls forth his ability to negate the massive man's gravity. Once he sees the tall-tale signs of floating he tries to push him towards the ceiling and hold him there.

OOC: O.k. going to try a "Power" Grapple. So it would be my DEX/Power vs their DEX/BODY with a modification due to their weightlessness.
So that is 7/10 on my part and a roll to see if I touch him to send him up. Here goes...


"What the ---???" Stallion exclaimed as he began to float into the air. A litany of curses followed as he realized he could not get down. "Lemme down Pajama boy and I won't hurtcha too bad!"

OOC: New round


Blockade 24
Lady Vic 24
Bubbles 23
Brutale 20
Stallion 20
0/Gs 14

If and when Bubbles get back down I need a Perception check from her.
Blockade again tries to grab Lady Vic and slam her into the wall.
OOC: Throw attack, AV 7, EV 6: [roll0][roll1]

[sblock="Status"]Growth level: 2
Size: 1
Weight/Volume: 4
Strength: 6
RV vs. Physical: 9
OV vs. Physical: 4
Running: 1
Current Body: 3/7
Hero Points: 7[/sblock]


The Blonde dances under the Burly Wrestler's grab. "You're surprisingly fast for a big man Mister Blockade...But still too slow!"
She produces a wakizashi that matches her katana and takes several swipes at Blockade. The blades strike true, but for all their vaunted sharpness, Blockade has cut himself deeper with a hidden razorblade during a match.

OOC: Blockade misses.
Lady Vic rolls a total of 11 which hits w/ no shifts. She subs Martial Arts for EV and gets a +1 to it for Ambidexterity for a total of 8 EV. vs Blockade's 9 EV is just not quite enough to do damage.


Bubbles takes a deep breath before floating back down to the roof line. She flies down below the roof edge and peeks up over the wall to try to find her assailant.

OOC: Perception 4/4 [roll0] + [roll1] = 17


Behind some ventilation piping, obscured by steam or smoke Bubbles makes out a silhouette lurking...probably Brutale?


Watching the "Stallion" float about for a moment Jacob is glad his ski mask hides his smile. "Hmmm... Need to tie him up or something."

Looking around he sees one of the unconscious guardsman and hurries over to see if he has any handcuffs or other restraints.

OOC: Probably still not my turn yet, just want to post it so you can finish the round and not wait on me. Tomorrow I won't be allowed near a computer.

If needed roll: [roll0], [roll1]


Bubbles ducks down below the sightline of the wall and flies around to the figure's backside. She will wait a moment (a round) before reappearing. She knows her trail of bubbles makes her easy to spot so wants to minimize the chance that her target knows where she is.


Brutale seems confused by Bubbles' tactic but remains poised on his perch.

Stallion stows his 'chucks and produces a lasso. He whirls it over his head and tosses the noose at 0/Gs, and he tightens it over the hero's force field and starts to reel himself in.

OOC: Stallion uses his Weaponry/Martial Arts as AV/EV vs OV/RV. He will use a Flailing attack giving Zero a -2cs to OV and a +3cs to his RV. He rolls a 7 and gets 2 raps. No damage but ZeroGees is considered grappled, he loses his declared action. You and Stallion may only PHYSICALLY attack each other until he drops grapple or Zero escapes grapple.
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