D&D 5E Class and Background combos

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I wouldn't call it strange; maybe a bit odd (since I think most monks would probably by acoyltes or soldiers), but I have a monk who is a street urchin.

As a child of the 80s, I'm modeling him after Snake Eyes' backstory ;)


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So far I have just been stocking some pre-rolled characters, so I have the cliché bard/entertainer, barbarian/outlander, and a fighter/solider. I plan to mix it up some though.


Paladin (Vengeance) with Urchin background. He's out to find (& slaughter) the people who killed his parents.

This one doesn't feel too odd to me at all, but Warlock with Sage background. He was flunking out of the Academy, found a forgotten tome in the library one night that seemed to detail a shortcut to the magical talent he lacked (lowish Int, certainly for someone trying to make it in wizarding school), & attempted the ritual. Wound up bound to Something Not Very Nice - oopsie! - but now he's hooked on the power it gives him.

Also a dwarven sorc w/ Acolyte background. Dutifully following in the family footsteps to be a cleric, but his magic came out differently. That was when he learned about the big family secret - red dragon way back in the lineage, oh the shame!


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As a DM this will have to be an NPC, but a Bard (College of Valor) with Acolyte Background. I envison a small organization of them with a strong Angelic theme.


One of my players is a cleric/charlatan. We worked out a story where he was a swindler, essentially peddling Pelor flavored snake oil, when the gods showed some cruel irony and granted him the ability to perform miracles. Nothing has gone his way since.

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