D&D 5E Class and Background combos

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Johnny Angel

Once upon a time, in the real world, there arose a new class of poets known as the Goliards, which blossomed in the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe. They were trained as churchmen, but the good spots in the church hierarchies tended to go not to the most talented, but those whose families were well connected. This left a lot of highly educated people out on their butts, and cynical. They used what they had learned to compose a lot of profane verse, often directly mocking sacred verses, twisting them into songs about drinking and whoring. But they also harshly criticized the tradition of scholastic philosophy (famously lampooned in the question "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"). Although they profaned their source material, they influenced later sacred verses. Frequently their verses were in Latin, though not rarely liberally mixed with vulgar tongues. Yet, with these erudite yet filthy macronic verses, they made a living traveling around singing in taverns and other gatherings.

Now, in 5e I now see that it's possible to have Acolyte as a background, whatever your class. Well, I think I know what direction to take my next Bard in.


With PH it's possible to create pirate ninjas: pirate background + path of shadows monk.

Can we make him a Dragonborn so we can have a dino(-esque) pirate ninja? Maybe when the FR campaign book comes out it'll have Sauriel PCs for a more authentic dino-ninja-pirate.

What about a warforged for a mecha-robot ninja pirate?

I'm A Banana

As a DM this will have to be an NPC, but a Bard (College of Valor) with Acolyte Background. I envison a small organization of them with a strong Angelic theme.


Neat idea. I bet a celestial pact warlock would be interesting in that organization...

Mon said:
What about a warforged for a mecha-robot ninja pirate?

Multiclass with druid to turn into dinosaurs. Or with ranger to make friends with dinosaurs.


Super KY
I recently did an old one warlock with an acolyte (of helm!) background. The way the dice came up, he was NG and wanted to do anything to protect his temple from outside threats...


First Post
I've made a cleric/folk hero and a rogue/outlander so far.

The cleric was born and raised a peasant, but when Lathander graced her with his divine power, she was sent to the local temple for clerical training. She favored the "hitting things" side of clerical training over reading and praying, so a local lord quickly scooped her up to serve as a battle chaplain, hence the feat giving her proficiency in weapons like sword and lance.

The halfling rogue on the other hand was the daughter of homesteaders. She was forced into an unhappy marriage and fled for the city, where she developed a fondness for alcohol. Only after she heard that she had been declared dead and her husband remarried did she return home. She tried to date several young halfling men, but tended to be more than they could handle. Now, something of a pariah, she has again left the homestead for a life of adventure.


One of the players in our current game has a Dragonborn Sage Moon Circle Druid.

So far the party is a group who know things they shouldn't and this is pushing them in lots of "fun" places.

Pirate/Paladin (Vengeance) could be quite interesting. Doing what must be done to chase and eliminate threats on the high seas, and to build resources to carry out his dirty work with efficiency.

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