D&D 5E Class and Background combos

Barbarian Noble, the privileged and spoiled brat with clear anger issues.

Barbarian Criminal, quite possibly a gang enforcer or a (former) drug addict.

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Beastmaster ranger, Falcon, he's a master of the noble art of Falconary.

Fiend Warlock Acolyte.

Shadowdancer, Way of Shadow monk with entertainer background.

Sage Battlemaster

Paladin of Devotion with sailor, his goal to bring justice to those who choose a pirate background.

Rogue with spy background and crossbow feat, James, James Bond.

Bard with Spy Background, Austin Power yeah baby, yeah.

Barbarian with the Spy background fat bastard.

Avenger with Criminal Background, Guild Enforcer blessed by Mask.

Fey Warlock Guild Artist (jeweller), in exchange for beautiful one of a kind jewelery my fey patron has grant me magic.

Starlock, Sailor.

Barbarian Guild Merchant, selling his tribes wears to civilized lands.


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Infernal Warlock with the Criminal background.

Originally just a common thief, but maybe she stole something she shouldn't have, that gave her access to a whole new world. Or maybe she stole from someone, who turned out to be less than human and now she's on the run trying to gather as much knowledge about the infernal before a showdown with her pursuer.


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Charlatan Diviner

He has the ability to give people accurate fortunes but found out early in his career that he makes more money conning people and tellingthem what they want to hear instead.


I have a drow bard whose background is guild artisan, because she's a jeweler as her day job who goes off on adventures to find rare stones and/or pay for her opulent lifestyle. She considers the rest of the party her staff.

She's so much fun. ^.^

-The Gneech :cool:

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