D&D 5E Class and Background combos

I've been toying with the concept of an Outlander Bard who's not so much using the "power of music" as he is able to channel the spirits of his ancestors through folktales and chanting.

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I have a noble tiefling wild sorcerer, a baronet. Cocky bastard, but tends to do good guy stuff. Is in love with an enemy noble houses daughter, and seeks to inherit the baron title over his brother by proving himself, and went for adventuring with that. After being a baron he wants to seek peace between the noble houses and marry the daughter of the other house.


I'm going to be playing a charlatan paladin. The alternate ego IS the adventuring heroic paladin persona, with full papers etc. Her real identity will be a nobody.

Cyan Wisp

Lots of interesting ideas here. Three cheers for Backgrounds!

I like the idea of an Urchin Warlock - a street kid who wandered into parts of the city that should have been forgotten and found Cthulhu-esque writings in the underground. Drawn back to the area inexplicably, he is eventually contacted by an entity...

Another is an Acolyte Rogue - I see him as an extreme zealot; a temple raider and defender, tending towards church assassin as the clergy recognise his talents. It makes me think of that albino Jesuit guy in The Da Vinci Code.

aramis erak

I've seen 4 martial types with Sailor - 2 fighters, a paladin, and a ranger. The paladin took the pirate variant. He was 1st level. He seemed to be aiming for Oath of Vengeance.

These seem pretty cool.

And the lightfoot rogue guild artisan is one I've seen twice. Both cases, jewelers (one's a gemcutter, the other a whitesmith)

Plane Sailing

Astral Admin - Mwahahaha!
Some of my favourite ideas so far

Urchin Sorcerer - converting my 3e Sorceress, the red-headed orphan from the kitchens.

Warlock of the great one Sage - studying the ancients writings and some of them started studying him back

Outlander Monk - last remnant of a lost people

Gladiator Wizard - he was a gladiator in his youth, now he has a gammy leg and in his old age studied wizardry.


Barbarian Acolyte: A crusading zealot full of righteous fury. Oh! Armed with explanatory pamphlets. She stuffs them in her enemies' mouths after striking them down. She's slightly embarrassing to the other members of her church, so they send her off on mission trips a lot. I mean, they appreciate her... enthusiasm, but she always intimidates new members with it.
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