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5E Class choices that didn't sync well with the campaign.

This sounds a bit like party dynamics, not class. We had a GWM vengance paladin during STK - with several other melee characters - and he was MVP in damage.

My PC hasn't got GMW - I took a Str bump at level 4, though I've got GMW pencilled in for when i hit 8th at this point. The problem I'm having with being a melee character in this campaign is fragility. I've got lots of hit points (house rule is max hp for the first 5 levels), but a single frost giant can still take me down to half hp in one blow, and a melee character can't play shoot-and-hide-behind-a-house like an archer can to avoid getting hit back. There is a party dynamic issue contributing though - being the only melee character in the party means that if i do wade into combat, I'm usually doing that alone and I'm going to be the target for all the attacks coming back the other way.

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As a DM, I try to adjust to make sure the characters the player wanted to play is fun. In your situation, I might let the PC find a magic item that cancels out the Devil's ability to see in any darkness. There is always a solution - something not a good enough solution to keep it as fun like we'd like it to be, but a solution that is worth trying.