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D&D General Class that fits this personality


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My DnD group is starting a new campaign. We are basing the class off of our personalities.
Based off this limited info what class comes closest to matching this?

(I'm aware its a weird question and that you can be anything in 5e)


I'm okay with following authority figures (bosses, leaders, etc) provided they are legit in their earning of said authority. I don’t follow blindly simply because they’re labeled an “authority figure” I'll follow because I believe they deserve and earned their titles of authority through actual work and logic.

I prefer Structured environments

I'm very Opinionated.

I have a good memory

I've been desceibed as an Jock/nerd

I enjoy debating. Big part of my personality

I'm highly competitive.

I workout 5 days a week. Weight lifting is my favorite. Was into sports a lot when I was younger.

I'm not the easiest to get a long with. I don't open up to just anyone.

There are a lot of cliques at my job and I'm not really apart of any of them. One of my co workers said "it's because I'm more mature than a lot of them.

I'm very blunt

I'm very impatient and catch myself telling people to get to the point

I'm fairly ambitious


Loyal to those I care about

Strategic and analytical

I'm more likely to offer solutions to problems



Rebellious when needed

If I say I'm going to do something I do it. I'm very loyal to those close to me
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Dragon Lover
A Fighter would also be a good option. Battle Masters are fairly tactical. Eldritch Knight, Psi Knight, and Rune Knights also give different options for more tactical play and out of combat utility to problem solve. Eldritch Knight and Psi Knight also encourage a better Int score which could help in playing a more logical and analytical who likes to think through problems and debate with others.

Fighters are also one of the classes that doesn’t have a built in relationship like the Cleric, Paladin, or Warlock does if your Dm is someone who prefers those three classes to incorporate gods, higher powers, or powerful patrons into the backstory and character story in the campaign, as you mentioned being an atheist. Fighter are typically more black states when it comes to general characterization so it gives you the freedom to come up with almost anything.


Follower of the Way
Sounds like a dwarf cleric to me. You fight well into the structure of the religious hierarchy, and you are like to debate theology. It would probably be a war god, maybe a life god or something else physical.
Given the explicit "I am atheist," that might not be the best choice.


Personally, @GoblinOrc I think this describes either a Bladesinger Wizard (a Wizard who fights) or an Eldritch Knight Fighter (a warrior who does magic things.) Overall, you sound somewhere between TN and LN; you are "rebellious" (a very Chaotic trait), but you are also Logical, Loyal, Disciplined (working out regularly), and prefer "structured environments." Plus, you seem committed to keeping your promises even if it costs you a lot to do so--"my word is my bond" is a pretty Lawful thing. This seems, on balance, to lean in a Lawful direction but could be Neutral. Your argumentativeness, ambition, and being difficult to get along with implies a lean away from Good, but nothing Evil, hence I favor Neutrality on that axis: not going out of your way to be nice/kind/supportive, but not avoiding being those things, either.

Your difficulty getting along with others, and your emphasis on logic/intellect and physical strength, inclines me away from Warlock, since the closest fit there would seem to be Blade Pact, which generally wants to dump Strength, and all Warlocks want to have high Charisma.

Overall, I think Eldritch Knight makes the most sense if you want to be a pure single-class character. Alternatively, you could do 1-2 levels of Fighter, and then take Wizard thereafter; a Fighter 2/Wizard N is quite potent, and can leverage either Evoker (for raw spell output) or Diviner (for support/debuff benefits) quite well while still going in for melee. Keep in mind, Action Surge lets you cast two actual spells in the same round--a lot of people misremember the casting limitations, the actual rule is "you can't cast a levelled spell as a bonus action unless all other spells you cast that round are cantrips with a casting time of 1 action."

Sadly, an emphasis on Strength makes the greatest combo (Fighter 2/Bladesinger Wizard) largely a non-starter. You'd want to dump Strength and focus on Dexterity, which doesn't suit the description you've given here.


A lot of these things are personality traits that could apply to anything, but I'd go with a class that emphasizes physical strength that comes up a couple of times.

I'd probably paladin. Paladins do not need to care about gods, they get their powers and spells from their devotion to their oath. Most likely to be something like a vengeance paladin, but take a look at the oaths to see what makes the most sense. I'd probably go mountain dwarf because of the dedication to structure, perhaps you feel like someone betrayed your clan, or a clan leader went against everything the clan meant to you?


You describe high strength, constitution and intelligence. You also describe lower wisdom (impatient, opinionated) and charisma (harder to get along with, not described as a leader, etc...) Dexterity is ambiguous. To that end, I think the following options are ones I'd lean towards first:

Eldritch Knight, Battlemaster, Psi Warrior, Rune Knight, Echo Knight, Armorer Artificer, Battle Smith Armorer, Bladesinger, War Mage - or really any Wizard. I'd pick a heritage/race that grants weapon proficiencies if you go the wizard route.

I think I'd go with a Goliath Rune Knight that uses a Maul. I'd start with a 17 Strength and take (Crusher or a Glory of Giants Giant Feat) and Great Weapon Master at 4 and 6 (either order). The goliath tendencies align with your PC concepts and the Rune Knight (with your unique knowledge of how to use runes) plays into some of the more cerebral elements you described.

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