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D&D General Class that fits this personality


A suffusion of yellow
Sounds like a dwarf cleric to me. You fight well into the structure of the religious hierarchy, and you are like to debate theology. It would probably be a war god, maybe a life god or something else physical.
i agree

Dwarf Cleric - its a game so being an atheist irl doesnt really matter, a cleric that questions their deities dogma works as a character concept. LN alignment so could go Paladin too

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First time I hear about someone being described both as a jock AND a nerd…

Sounds like the genius football coach kinda deal. So, battlemaster fighter? One that plays by the rules, more of the tactician, team-player type, wearing the colours of their unit/school/lord. Paladin could work too.


Victoria Rules
My first thought was Paladin, until noticing the athiest piece.

So, non-religious Paladin. In other words, a Cavalier or Knight with an unbending personal moral code, a gruff personality, and a bit of a chip on the shoulder.

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