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Classic D&D of All Eras Back In Print

Print on Deman

Anyone else notice that WotC snuck a few titles up as Print-On-Demand at DMs Guild?

(I purchased three of them, both to support the initiative but also cos I cant help collecting hard copies of D&D material :) )


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First Post


First Post
I see that you've recreated the invisible ink text from this one. Nice going! Does that mean we are likely to eventually see the other magic viewer adventures like CM5 as completed PDFs/PoD?
I am curious how that will work on these? Will we need the invisible ink pen to play these?

It is probably unlikely, but to make the inquiry anyway, is there anything discussed about putting the Dungeon and Dragon magazines in Print on Demand?

As Matt-M-McElroy is
Matt-M-McElroy @ RPG.net said:
Note: I won't be around the next two weeks to make the weekly update here. Stuff will still go live, but I'll be traveling and will have limited access/time to be on the forum.

, I have taken it upon myself to post this week's releases, insofar as I have been able to puzzle out, on the ancient grounds of "dibs!" Please note that I have no official standing here.

This space will updated after editing; posting now to avoid multiple-poster update collision. Space has been updated.

DLE3: Dragon Keep (2e) (pdf, POD)
DLE1: In Search of Dragons (2e) (pdf, POD)
Tale of the Comet (2e) (pdf)
Jakandor: Island of War (2e) (pdf)
DLT1 New Tales: The Land Reborn (2e) (pdf)
Priest's Spells Compendium Volume 2 (2e) (pdf)

Adventurer's League 6: 01: A Thousand Tiny Deaths (5e) (pdf)

Dragon #286 (pdf)
Dragon #285 (pdf)
Dungeon #98 (pdf)
Dungeon #97 (pdf)

Note #1: The name on the cover of "Priest's Spell Compendium" differs from the name given on the store page, "Priest's Spells Compendium". In this case, I went with the store page name as the latest available.
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