D&D General Classic Monsters - Retired Roll Call?

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Whizbang Dustyboots

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Just today, my daughter (11) and son (8) befriended a Carrion Crawler in a random dungeon by throwing bags of poop, animal cookies, and crushed up dog biscuits. She named it Cut-Cut because I described it's face as looking like that of Cthulhu.
Kids throwing bags of poop (or even having bags of poop) checks out.


Monsters I have used from the OP list:
Black Pudding - I put it in Castle Dracula (Castlevania) in a stream in the forest.
Gelatinous Cube - showed up in a couple of low level modules.
Mimic - In the Mage Tower module on DM's Guild. Player took off his helmet and put his ear next to the door to listen for what was the other side. The door was a mimic.
Rust Monster - part of the Trap! Trap! module on DM's Guild, very fun.
Intellect Devourer - against 18th level PCs. They ran away after the paladin got int-drained.

I haven't gotten to use Illithid yet, but only because the players haven't gone to those areas.


Victoria Rules
The only ones of that list I've never used are the Intellect Devourer and the Tarrasque.

As for the rest:

Black Pudding - was in the adventure just completed; the party saw it as a "pool of oil", got suspicious, and intentionally avoided it.
Gelatinous Cube - is in the next adventure, and appears anywhere I need to spice up a trap.
Carrion Crawler - haven't used for a while as they don't present much of a threat; last seen maybe 6 years ago.
Mind Flayer - are the foot-soldiers of some major behind-the-scenes villain(s) in this campaign, so can appear at any time.
Roper - last seen maybe 11 years ago (maybe the Storoper version?). I really should toss a few more of these in now and then.
Umber Hulk - was in the adventure just completed; the party learned of it before getting to its location, and intentionally avoided it.
Mimic - was in an adventure about a year ago but by sheer luck the party completely missed it. It was very disappointed.
Rust Monster - last seen about 2 years ago when I jumped to running a low-level party for a while.
Displacer Beast - I know I've run these within the last decade but can't honestly remember when.
Beholder - last seen about 4 years ago.
Marilith (or other big-ass demon that can really bring the nasty) - last seen about 5 years ago when Pazuzu showed up.

Carrion Crawlers tended to appear more in B/X adventures that 1E, as I recall.
I think this was probably because the basic set had a smaller monster list, so the things that were on it tended to crop up more often.

But if you go by computer games, the sewers of Baldur's Gate are infested with carrion crawlers, and the sewers of Lusken are infested with black puddings.

I suspect black puddings having a joke name is a turn-off for the more serious-minded dungeon builder.

Whether in published writing or in narration at the table, just change the name to Black Ooze and your problem is solved.
I normally would change it in narration - it doesn't look much like a pudding. Should it be changed in official publications? Some people really hate bad jokes!


Rotten DM


Am I the only one confused as to why 'not being in a dungeon' would prevent you from running into a beefcake bug or a spacefaring squid man?

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