D&D General Classic Monsters - Retired Roll Call?

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I did once check a mimic for traps.

It resulted in a fairly heated discussion with the GM as to whether that would have involved touching it with my hands. Only cost me a lock-pick in the end - I think my indignant defence of my rogue's professionalism won me the argument.


Magic Wordsmith
Or .... ROT GRUBS.
Same dungeon as the mimic I mentioned upthread, the PCs come across a pentagram of cold green flames in the middle of a wide hallway leading to other parts of the dungeon.

At the five points of the pentagram are funeral urns. Five shadows spawn here and attack the living, respawning after 1d4 rounds if destroyed. The urns each contain a swarm of rot grubs whose vile energies fuel the shadows. If you destroy the grubs, the shadows stop spawning.

By the time most PCs figured this out, they were badly weakened by the shadows which means they tend to fall back to short rest. And that pushes the doom clock further along...

the Jester

Is black pudding a thing in USA? I mean the food item, not the monster.
I’ve travelled a lot in USA and never seen it, but admittedly I haven’t really looked. It’s not exactly major-league popular in UK, but it does appear on most cafe breakfast menus, especially in the north.
I have only had it once, and it was amazing.

the Jester

I don't see slaad that much anymore.
I just... well, due to pandemic disruptions, it has taken three years to get through it, but... I just ran a gnarly epic chaos apocalypse that required the high level pcs in my game to travel to the beginning of time to defeat Ygorl, the slaad lord of entropy, who exists backwards in time and therefore can't be truly defeated except at the beginning of time.

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