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Color of your magic?

abe ray

Registered User
What does your magic take the form of? In other words does it take the form of either snakes,arrows or letters from a book, these are examples for magic miscles .


I had a few PCs in the past that had flavor like this, but now we mostly just say something like, " Magic Missiles shoot from the enemy caster to hit you." I think it can work for player characters, but the DM may need to be specific and just tell the players what is happening.


Orcus on an on Day
We haven't tailored spells since 2e I think, or maybe a bit in 3e. If I had to choose a color, though, it would be octarine :p


I had a gnome wizard who was a "particle metaphysicist" and all his spells were scientific-sounding. Like instead of magic missile it was deterministic energy exchange and instead of fireball it was spontaneous exothermic state collapse. Many of them had a lasers-and-sparks visualization.

I have another character I haven't played yet, a sorcadin, who has the cantrip blue-flame blade and has a blue firebolt. The idea is to create fire that is hotter than most other casters' (ala Azula).


I should make a character whose spells are dad jokes.

"Magic won't-miss-ile!"
"Polymore-fun for you!"
"I rename you William, and now you're invisi-Bill!"


Depends on the NPC caster when I DM.

Say the once druid who is now a warped evil warlock. Her misty step takes the form of dried dead leaves that slip threw craps or ride a quick breeze to her new location.

Stuff like that. I think that can really help to stick a character out for your players, and even get their minds cranking on cool personalized magic. I mean, why should Tenser, Bigsby, and Melf have all the fun?