Combined Progress Level Chart


Well, that was fun
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NamePrimary InventionNotes
0Stone AgeFire, Spear
1Bronze/Iron AgeShips, Tools
2Middle AgesSteel, Chainmail
3Age of ReasonMuskets, Telescopesd20 Past
4Industrial AgeElectricity, Aircraftd20 Past
5Information AgeInternet, Nuclear Weaponsd20 Modern
6Fusion AgeFusion Power, Genetic Manipulation, Megacorpsd20 Future
7Gravity AgeArtificial Gravity, Interstellar Traveld20 Future
8Energy AgeEnergy Weaponsd20 Future
9FTL AgeTransportersPrime Directive
10Subspace Radio AgeWarp Drive, TerraformingPrime Directive
11Dysonian AgeDyson Spheres, Intergalactic TravelPrime Directive
12X-Technology AgeIndistinguishable from magic, Time TravelPrime Directive


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