D&D 5E Comeliness: An Add On Module for 5E


Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
Now you, yes you, can have a Comeliness stat in your 5E game.

Using these handy-dandy charts, conveniently hosted by Planewalker.com, you can create a Comeliness score for your character.

Simply roll 3d6 and add the modifier found at the bottom of this image, below.

Example, if your Charisma is 15, you add a +1 to your 3d6 roll and the modified result is your Comeliness Score. Voila! Now you know exactly how ugly (or beautiful) your character is.


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Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
"But what does it mean?" You ask.

... And I'm glad you did. This fine chart, graciously hosted by Planewalker.com, shows how you can use Comeliness to gauge NPC's* reactions to your character's relative attractiveness.


*And lazy PC's too!


I actually had my own idea for comeliness, but less subjective and more mathematical called Symmetry.

See raising or lowering you Symmetry score costs nothing, because a higher score is not universally better. You can even choose negative scores which can have benifits too.

So a gorgeous nymph can have a high Symmetry score, while an orc can have a negative score. The nymphs high score makes it easier to seduce most humans, but she may have to roll for jealousy, and some races and individuals may be more attracted to a negative score, such as orcs.

The orc would be more attractive to those that are attracted to asymmetry, would only have to deal with Jeaosly rolles for those you like asymmetrical, but the down side would be in dealing with whose who prefer symmetry.

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