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Kickstarter Coming Soon! Chromatic Dungeons


Official pre-launch page on Kickstarter!

What is Chromatic Dungeons?
In a nutshell, CD is an OSR clone that takes the best aspects of B/X, 1e, and 2e and combines them into one ruleset. The mission statement is to capture the feel of old school gaming from the 70s and 80s while also implementing best practices and modern sensibilities. That includes things like ascending AC, ancestries replace races and are customizable, alignment has been stripped down to the basics, avoidance of dead levels, but also retains things like zero to hero, rulings over rules, niche protection, higher lethality, and other aspects of old school gaming. Also what I feel is crucial to capturing the feel of gaming back then? The aesthetic. As the art samples below will illustrate (no pun intended) this.
The second part of the mission statement is to reflect and represent what the current gaming community looks like. That means all gamers should feel represented and welcome when they pick this book up. To that end, many diverse freelancers and editors have been hired to ensure representation exists, and is done in a respectful manner.


Even though the current editions do a lot of things really well, I firmly believe that there is room in modern gaming for an older style of game play. I honestly believe that older and new gamers alike can find value in the old school style, and can have lots of fun playing it without being turned off by any of the problematic or exclusionary way things were presented back in the day, even if unintentional and OK by the standards of the time.

When is it going to be launched?
Right now, it's looking like early June. The only thing holding it back is I'm still waiting on one more piece of art. Then final proofs to be accepted. Why am I waiting on those instead of just launching it now (unfinished) like so many other projects do and have done? Because...

The importance of transparency and identifying risks
...we've seen way too many KS RPGs promise big things and never deliver. It's a bad look, and gives our hobby a bad reputation. I'm going to avoid that. The project is already 99% done. That means when it funds, you will get your rewards almost immediately. This I can promise.

So how is the artwork going to reflect diversity and capture that old school feel?
I'm going to let the art speak for itself here


How you can help
Quite simply, click the link above and set your notification when the project goes live. For additional information or extra goodies, feel free to join the Chromatic Dungeons Facebook group, or visit Izegrim Creations.

Thank you again so much for your support!

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One of the stretch goals for this project is a series of RPG Zines. While designed for this game, they are easily converted to any OSR system.

One of the important things to me, is to ensure I deliver a product as soon as possible. We all know about those KS campaigns that failed to deliver. And we all have feelings about it. I won't be like that. Not only for the core books, but for the stretch goals as well. When the project funds, you get your stuff. Right away.

So with no further ado, here are the four stretch goal zines I just got back for final proof approval.






Level Up!

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