WOIN Coming Soon: SolSpace: The Spartan Gambit!

If you've ever wanted to play 'Die Hard' on a spaceship, you're in luck! Coming soon to Kickstarter (in the form of a short, one-week Quickstarter!) is SolSpace: The Spartan Gambit!

The Spartan Gambit takes place on the huge Endeavour Mk I Class XI Cruiser, USF Copernicus, when a raiding party from the Spartan ship Maelstrom takes control of the ship. Their plan is interrupted when the PCs return from an away mission to find their starship occupied! Can they defeat the Spartans before the villains break into the bridge?

Click on the link below to be notified when the campaign launches. It's only a week long, so be careful not to miss it!



This full-colour softcover book contains:
  • An introduction to the SolSpace setting detailing the Allied Union of Worlds, and the United Space Force with its various divisions.
  • Rules for creating a Union Space Force officer, using the WOIN life-path system to take a character through Space Force Academy, their Cadet Cruise, and their first Tours of Duty. Play an engineer, helmsman, intelligence officer, medical officer, psi-corps agent, science officer, security officer, or tactical officer.
  • The full adventure, The Spartan Gambit, as the PCs crawl though engineering ductways and lift shafts, in an attempt to take their ship back from the invaders!
  • Four pre-generated USF officers: Lt. Valor M'Parr, an empathic Venetian psi-corps officer who speaks to plants; Lt. Commander Kotos Banaga, a quick human security officer who loves the gym; Lt. C.H.A.R.L.I.E., a brilliant android medic who aways follows the rules; and Lt. Commander Jim Townsend, a posh human engineer who is used to the best things in life.
  • Maps of every deck of the huge USF Copernicus, from the main bridge to engineering to the arboretum to sickbay! More than 30 maps in total!
This adventure/sourcebook requires the WOIN-powered N.E.W. Science Fiction core rules. If you have these, you can buy the adventure on its own; if you don't, you can also grab the core rules and other SolSpace supplements during the Kickstarter.

In SolSpace: The Spartan Gambit we've mapped an entire starship -- from the main bridge to engineering, from the messhall to sick bay. Your characters will explore nearly 50 decks, including the cargo bay, hangar deck, crew quarters, science labs, detection block, even an arboretum and hydroponics deck! The maps are in the book itself, but we'll also provide you with a map pack of the bare images for printing or use on a virtual tabletop.


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