WOIN USF Officer Pregens


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This thread is to store pregenerated USF officers. One pregen per post, please, and only post pregens in this thread (discussion and questions can go elsewhere).

We need 30 pregens. We will then combine them into a little book. Anybody with a pregen in that book will get a free copy of it. We'll choose which 30 make it in!

How it works!
  1. Post your pregen as a reply to this thread.
  2. Your pregen must be a USF officer.
  3. You may use the Galactic Sentience Catalog.
  4. Use the careers in the Spartan Gambit to create your USF officers.
  5. No department heads or captains or the like. These are lower decks types.
  6. Your pregen should be Grade 6.
  7. Use the format (copy and paste it) below.
  8. You can enter multiple times.
Here's an example pregen from The Spartan Gambit. Copy and paste this and use the same format!

Lt. Valor M'Parr
An empathic Venetian psi-corps officer who speaks to plants.

Valor grew up as a novice in a Venetian monastery on Vendalyr. Early on he had an aptitude for science, and joined the USF with the intention of becoming a science officer; it wasn't long, however, before the Psi-Corps noticed his psionic potential, and pulled him out and put him on the special psionics training fast-track. Returning to the academy a member of the Psi-Corps, he was lucky enough to end up in Frontier Operations, where he serves on the USF Copernicus. He has a dual role, being a Psi-Corps officer, and also a trained botanist, and as such fulfills both functions on the ship.

STR 3 (2d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 5 (2d6)
LOG 7 (3d6) INT 8 (3d6) WIL 4 (2d6)
CHA 5 (2d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 8 (3d6)
PSI 7 (3d6)


SOAK 4 (uniform); VULN none

SPEED 5; CLIMB 3; JUMP 12'/6'
CARRY 80lb (max lift 150lb)


🅜 Martial arts 5d6 melee (1d6+2 blunt damage)
🅡 Phaser pistol 5d6 ranged (2d6+2 heat damage; range 15; stun, beam, sidearm)

Skills astronomy 1 (1d6), astrophysics 3 (2d6), botany 3 (2d6), clairsentience 1 (1d6), computers 4 (2d6), concentration 1 (1d6), electronics 1 (1d6), engineering 3 (2d6), insight 3 (2d6), intimidation 1 (1d6), law 3 (2d6), linguistics 3 (2d6), martial arts 3 (2d6), medicine 1 (!d6), perception 1 (1d6), piloting 1 (1d6), pistols 3 (2d6), religion 1 (1d6), reactions 1 (1d6), sensors 2 (1d6), telepathy 3 (2d6), zero-g 1 (1d6)

Gear planetary communicator, phaser pistol, emergency medpatch, USF uniform
Requisition cap 4,000cr

Acute Hearing. Venetians have excellent hearing, and gain a +1d6 bonus to perception checks when sound is relevant.

Confidant. Being brought up in a monastery has given you a certain perception. You can discern a lie through a mix of intuition and experience. You gain a +1d6 bonus to discern lies and deceptions.

Disciplined. The mental discipline of a Venetian is such that they are completely immune to the Fatigued condition as long as they get 8 hours sleep per week. This is not a preferred situation, however.

Empathic. You easily understand how others feel. Once per day you can attempt to adjust another’s mood with a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack. If you succeed, you can give them either the Manic or Angry condition. You must be able to converse with your target to do this.

Empathy. You can automatically sense strong emotions in others within 30'.

Learned. Venetians start with four species skills rather than three. The bonus (fourth) skill must be a [scientific] skill (already included).

Logical. Venetians are noted for their intelligence and logic. When taking a new career, a Venetian may optionally exchange one of the listed four attribute increases for LOG, as long as it doesn’t result in a duplicate attribute advancement.

Naturally Psionic. A society which integrates psionics from childhood, Venetians start play with one free psionic exploit (already included).

Naval Operations. You are so accustomed to the starship environment, instinctively knowing how to brace yourself, that you never take damage from external starship fire.

Perception filter. You render yourself hard to notice with a telepathic effect which causes others to simply ignore you. Perception filters work automatically on those with an INT attribute of less than your PSI score, while more intuitive creatures will notice you immediately. If you make an attack, the effect ends immediately. Creatures aware of you cannot thereafter be affected by the perception filter.

Psi-blast. You can use an action and make a PSI mental attack to blast an opponent with a mental burst which does 2d6 (+1d6 per 4 PP you choose to spend) psionic damage and has a range increment of 10'. You have 20 PP (Psionic Points) to spend.

Speak-with-dead. You have the ability to interrogate a dead body which has been dead for less than a day. It will truthfully answer three yes/no questions with no PSI check needed.