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D&D 5E Complements to Tenser's Transformation

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My war mage just got this spell and is looking forward to some hands-on combat. But I wonder - if I have the time to cast some buffs before it - what spells might mesh nicely with it in the thick of battle. I had some ideas but would welcome the community's thoughts too. With other concentration spells unavailable, most of the obvious choices probably won't work.

Crown of Stars - I think this will be the best fit, as it gives me some additional damage with a bonus action.

Mirror Image - might buy me a round or two of avoiding damage against creatures without True Sight.

Anything else I should be considering?

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False Life, Longstrider, See Invisibility, Fire Shield, and Blink are the common other ones. If you can get access to it with multiclass, Armor of Agathys upcast is really good.


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Played Avernus and the only battle I had that up was our very last one. We were 13th, I was a (pre-Tasha's) Bladesinger. I had up Fire Shield (Chill) and Crown of Stars up as well. While I missed Shield, Absorb Elements and Counterspell, the 50 tHPs helped offset. What I really missed was Misty Step or Fly, because Bel was in his damn flying throne and I ended up doing crazy, risky things to be in combat range.

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