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Conan the Amazonian

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
It appears Amazon is developing a Conan series with one of the Game of Thrones directors and an executive producer of Fargo and The Handmaiden’s Tale. What I read says there’s no release date yet or stars attached.

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I’m sure I’ll watch this. Heck, I even watched the Ralf Moeller Conan TV series. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this. Conan is traditionally a loaner (aside from one or two allies that last one or two stories), but the trend seems to be towards ensemble casts.

For better or worse, Conan has never really gotten out from under the shadow of Schwarzenegger. Momoa made for a good Conan, sure, but the movie around him didn’t hold up as well (I still watched it in theaters and bought it on Blu-Ray). What I’d love to see is the failed King Conan movie turned to a series, starring Arnold.

Legatus Legionis

< BLAH HA Ha ha >
Ralf Moeller's Conan The Adventurer TV show (22 episodes) actually used stories from the novels.

Their inclusion of side-kicks (Otli & Zzeben) were not Conan canon, and IMO took away from the show.

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
Oh for a moment I thought you meant Xena!
Does this new series sound any good?

I think it's too early in the development process to say whether it sounds good. The director and EP have some good works under their belt, so that could be a good sign.

Water Bob

I understand that Amazon is going to sink some real money into this new Conan show. It's supposed to be based upon Howard's original stories.

Amazon just paid $200 Million for the rights to do a Lord of the Rings TV series, too. And, their goal with both of these projects is the quality of Game of Thrones.

If that's true, I'm in. Oh, I'm way in on both accounts.


I'm not sure an adaptation that hews very close to the original stories would be viewed as progressive enough for this day and age, though these projects tend to always start off with verbiage about "sticking to the original source", because, what else are they going to say?

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