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Converting monsters from Imagine Magazine

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Monster Junkie

Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares), fly 40 ft. (perfect?)

Damage reduction 10/cold iron?

Skills: 7 at 15 ranks
Feats: 5

Challenge Rating: 7?

It had I, R, U

3-18 100s of platinum pieces: 30%
2-20 gems: 55%
1-12 jewelry: 50%
Maps or Magic Items: Any 1: 15%

2-8 1,000s of gold pieces: 40%
10-60 100s of platinum pieces: 50%
4-32 gems: 55%
1-12 jewelry: 45%

10-80 gems: 90%
5-30 jewelry: 80%
Maps or Magic Items: 1 of each magic excluding potions & scrolls: 70%

So standard coins, triple goods, double items?

Advancement: 13-24 HD (Large); 25-36 HD (Huge)?

A tikbalang is 6-7 feet tall and weighs x pounds.

Tikbalangs speak Common and Sylvan. (Add Abyssal?)


Extradimensional Explorer
Agreed on all the questions. Let's make it 300 lb? Will think about skills and feats in a bit.


Monster Junkie
We probably need to add this as well:

Flight (Su): A tikbalang can walk on air at will, allowing it to effectively fly at a speed of 40 feet with perfect maneuverability. This also grants it a permanent feather fall effect (as the spell) with personal range.


Extradimensional Explorer
Flight sounds good.

Skills: Bluff, Intimidate, Disguise, Listen, Spot, Hide?, Jump?

Feats: Persuasive, Ability Focus (Great Roar), ?


Monster Junkie
Freq: Very rare
# App: 1
AC: 4
Move: 12"/18"
HD: 5
% in Lair: see below
Treasure type: nil
# Att: 2
Dmg/Att: 1-3
SA: see below
SD: see below
MR: standard
Int: average-very
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Size: M (5-6 ft.)
Psionics: nil
Level/XP Value:
Aswang: V/435 + 5/hp
Balbal: V/360 + 5/hp

The Aswang, Mangalok or Boroka has the appearance of a normal human woman, and indeed exists as such by day, often living a normal village life. At night, however, she takes on her true nature, becoming a humanoid monster with a hag-like appearance, strong nails, and a very long threadlike tongue. She may also shapechange at will to the form of a huge night-bird with the head of a woman.

The Aswang can sense death in the same way as the Segben, at a distance of up to 1 mile, and will sit on the roof of a house where the corpse lies, sucking out its blood and organs through her long tongue. The tongue may be extended up to 12 ft. in length, and has a sharp point, but is so fine as to be indetectable 90% of the time, except to individuals with the ability to see invisible. She will attack the living in the same way, piercing the jugular vein with her tongue as the victim sleeps, and draining blood at the rate of 1 hp per round. Her saliva contains a local anasthetic, which requires sleeping victims to save vs poison or continue to sleep through the attack. When fully gorged (having taken blood equal to half her original hit points) the Aswang's humanoid form appears swollen as if with an advanced pregnancy, and her movement rate is halved. The Aswang is particularly vulnerable at this time, and takes great care not to be seen.

The Aswang will only fight if she cannot flee. She uses her strong nails or the talons of her avian form in self-defence, a successful hit causing 1-3 points of damage in either case.

A human may become an Aswang in one of four ways:
1) By the application of a magical ointment compounded of chicken dropping dissolved in coconut oil and mixed with human flesh and blood, along with certain other magical operations;
2) the daughters of an Aswang will inherit her condition;
3) the kiss of a dying Aswang will pass on her condition to one willing initiate;
4) an Aswang may focure her condition upon another by lacing their food with human flesh or with her own saliva.

The ointment is the secret of the transformation ability; normally hidden about the house in a stoppered bamboo tube or clay jar, it is used every night to effect the transformation. Human form may be regained by exposure to sunlight, or by washing off the ointment in fresh water. The Aswang is repelled by salt, vinegar, and certain spices in the same way as a vampire is repelled by garlic. Although the Aswang has certain vampiric tendencies, it is not classified as undead and is not vulnerable to holy symbols or other religious objects.

The Iqui is the rarer male Aswang.

The Balbal is a variant form of Aswang. It is a forest-dweller, and does not change form, always appearing as a gaunt humanoid figure with very loose skin, which it can use to glide for distances of up to 60 ft after the manner of a flying squirrel. Its tongue is thicker and stronger than that of an Aswang, and its modus operandi is to use its tongue to lift a corspe through a hole in the thatch which it has made with its strong nails. The corpse is then taken back into the forest to be devoured. In all other respects, the Balbal is identical to the Aswang.

From Imagine Magazine #25 (1985)


Extradimensional Explorer
Blood-sucking shape-changing harpies?!? Wow, these Filipino demons are pretty awesome. Int about 12? They seem pretty weak, so maybe Str 8-9?


This one doesn't scream out "fey" to me like the earlier ones...I would think monstrous humanoid, perhaps with the shapechanger subtype would be more appropriate.


Monster Junkie
Shroomy said:
This one doesn't scream out "fey" to me like the earlier ones...I would think monstrous humanoid, perhaps with the shapechanger subtype would be more appropriate.
Agreed. This one isn't classified as a "demon", either.



The aswang is the number one monster used to scare us kids. We had a maid way back when I was young who used to terrorize me by claiming that the dark backyard behind my grand-aunt's house next to ours is haunted by the aswang at night. It didn't help that there was a star-apple tree in the middle of it, so we didn't know what was lurking behind it.

Okay, calm down, get a grip on yourself…

I agree with classifying it as monstrous humanoid (shapechanger).

How many of the well-known blood-draining monsters do hp damage as compared to Con damage? The vampire does the latter.


Monster Junkie

RavinRay said:
How many of the well-known blood-draining monsters do hp damage as compared to Con damage? The vampire does the latter.
As far as I can tell, no 3.5 monsters with blood drain do anything other than Con damage/drain.


Monster Junkie
freyar said:
So do we want to go with hp or Con damage?
I'd follow the standard and go with Con damage.

Some additional info from Wikipedia:

Wikipedia said:
The trademark or major feature of Aswangs which distinguish them from other Filipino mythological creatures is their propensity to replace stolen cadavers with the trunk of a banana tree carved in the cadaver's likeness. They are also said to like to eat small children. Their favorite body parts are the liver and heart. Other local names, especially in Capiz are tik-tik and wak-wak.
Wikipedia said:
An aswang is a regular townsperson by day and prefer an occupation related to meat, such as butchery or making sausages.

Aswangs have an ageless appearance and a quiet, shy and elusive manner. They can be distinguished from humans by two signs. One is the bloodshot eyes from staying up all night looking for opportunities to sneak into houses where funeral wakes are being held, and stealing the dead bodies.

According to the elderly, the Aswang can also transform from human to animal and animal to human. The Aswang can disguise him/herself as a pig, dog or a black bird. Supposedly if a person looks at them in the eyes, the reflection would appear inverted. During their nocturnal activities, they walk with their feet facing backwards and toenails reversed.

One type is the tik-tik which transforms into a huge bird/bat at night and prowls. The tik-tik looks for a pregnant woman. Then extends a very long proboscis into the womb and licks the baby to kill it. While performing, a 'tik-tik' sound is heard.

In some stories, the tik-tik is an aswang's familiar, said to confuse people by its 'tik-tik' sound. If the aswang is near, the sound would be faint so that people hearing it would think that the aswang is still far away.

The term wak-wak or wuk-wuk is frequently used for the same creature in the Cebu region. The legends of the wak-wak and tik-tik are much the same, but the wak-wak is specifically supposed to change into its birdlike form by leaving behind its lower body, much like the Manananggal, another Philippine vampire. The cry of a night bird which makes a "wuk-wuk-wuk" sound is believed to be the call of this monster and is feared by superstitious villagers. As with the call of the tik-tik, the wak-wak is believed able to make its cry sound distant when the creature is near.[citation needed]
Wikipedia said:
It is said that an Aswang can be revealed, with the use of a bottle of a special oil extracted from the boiled and decanted coconut meat and mixed with certain plant stems upon which special prayers were said. When an Aswang comes near or walks outside the house at night, the oil is supposed to boil (or froth into bubbles) and continue boiling until the aswang leaves the area. A Buntot Pagi, a stingray's tail, is also a very effective weapon against such beings, if one is brave enough to face the aswang in combat, a shiny sword made of sterling silver or an image of an old crone (a grandmother's) would effectively dispel their presence according to local folklore. The myth of silver weapons dispelling evil creatures is probably taken from western mythology. In the case of the Agitot type of aswang, freshly drawn semenal fluids thrown or whisked at the Agitot's way would distract this aswang from attacking as it would lap-away the precious fluids before pursuing its intended victim. Rumors have it, that this type of aswang continues to prevail among modern societies, hence the anecdotal/idiomatic expression "hiding in the closet" or closet-queen.

Throwing salt at aswangs may cause their skin to burn due to the purifying powers of the salt crystals in witchcraft. By "salt," this means all acid-base combinations, not limited to table salt alone. Hypochlorides and other types of salts may produce the same burning effect in Aswangs.
Creepy stuff! :eek:


From the information about them replacing bodies with duplicates, it sounds like they should have skill ranks in Craft (woodcarving).


Extradimensional Explorer
GrayLinnorm said:
From the information about them replacing bodies with duplicates, it sounds like they should have skill ranks in Craft (woodcarving).
Agreed. Abilities? I earlier suggested Int 12, Str 8-9, but I don't have much of an idea for the other ones. I guess it sounds like Dex is ok, maybe in the 12-15 range.

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