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CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).

Lord Zack

As for other worlds in the Alpha Centauri system for one there is Pandora from Avatar, orbiting the Gas Giant Polyphemus. Cybertron has also orbited Alpha Centauri in some versions of the Transformers franchise. The Federation in Star Trek and the UED from Starcraft have some kind of presences in the system as well. You should also check the Local Stars page on TV Tropes: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/LocalStars.

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Lord Zack

The Project Full Circle fleet has been repurposed by Starfleet to test various experimental and alien forms of propulsion, including the quantum slipstream drive, transwarp, various forms of hyperdrives, space folding, slipstreams, jump drives of various kinds, and even the Infinite Improbability Drive amongst others. They have studied the Warp and Warp travel, but have no intention of adopting that technology for use. They have made little progress in learning of the dematerialization drives used by the Time Lords. They also explore places only accessible to the Federation by these advanced technologies.

They are led by Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway, who typically flies her flag on the USS Voyager, her old command though that ship is now actually commanded by Rear Admiral Tuvok. Most vessels in the fleet are science vessels, especially those focused on long-range missions such as the Intrepid-class like the Voyager or reconnaissance such as the Luna-class, and explorers, but they are protected by a number of escorts, such as several Defiant-class vessels. Other notable ships in the fleet include the USS Vesta (the first of the Vesta-class and one of several the fleet), the USS Mon Terra (a vessel of Mon Calamari design, whose crew includes many Mon Calamari who have joined Starfleet, it is similar to the Home One type of MC80 cruiser), the USS Dauntless-A (the first of the Dauntless-class), the USS Titan (commanded by Captain William T. Riker and of the Luna-class), the USS Galen (first of the Galen-class, an emergency medical vessel), the USS Achilles (a Mulciber-class vessel serving as a long-range resupply vessel with industrial capabilities), and the USS Demeter (a Theophrastus-class vessel that is equipped with airponics bays to provide food on long-range missions in order to conserve replicator power, and also has storage facilities for biological resources). The fleet also has the support of civilian contractors (such as, perhaps, the PCs) and has blazed many of the hyperlanes of the Milky Way, including stretches of the Solar Run.

The Federation has an alliance with Stargate Command, including sending vessels from Project Full Circle to support the Atlantis expedition (though the last time we saw Atlantis in the show it was in the Milky Way, I assume it would be in the Pegasus galaxy again in Coreline), since these vessels are the only ones equipped for the intergalactic journey. They have also made contact with the Tau and have entered into diplomatic relations with them. Through them they were introduced to the Knights Inductor, aka the Reasonable Marines, a Space Marine chapter who lack the xenophobia common in the Imperium of Man.

On the subject of the Stargate-verse Atlantis: I was envisioning the city to be over on San Francisco (where it landed on the final episode of the show), and kinda having a bit of a minor conflict with the Marvelverse Atlanteans (those who live under Utopia Island, also on the San Fran coast).

"Minor" in that the Alternate of Namor running things on that outpost is not exactly loving the fact that the air-breathers have, once again, insulted Atlantis by using its name (even if technically it's the fault of some guys who have long since become energy beings and give less of a crap about Earthly things like the possibility of the universe being destroyed and them starving to death from the lack of living beings giving a crap about *them*... well, at least that is the way it went on the show, AFAIK) and furthermore it is a military outpost that could be used to attack Utopia at a moment's notice.

So there's at least three artificial islands over on the San Francisco coast: Utopia Island (off-shore base for Greymalkin Industries and the X-Men, training outpost for the Xavier School, place where civilian mutants live), the Teen Titans' base (locals obviously call it "The Big 'T'"), and Atlantis (which is mostly a military and research outpost for USSOCOM).

Over on the Pegasus Galaxy there would be at least two more Atlantis-es (the city where it was at the beginning of the show and the city where it landed after its relocation. Aside from some locals of the Galaxy and some Ancients which have decided to play nice, they are mostly staffed by USAF personnel).

Over on The Line, Stargate Command has become an official arm of USSOCOM, with the other countries that were part of the Project "renting space". Russia do has its own Stargate Program, although it's been running a bit slow because of the possibility of corruption (like anybody would want Hotel Moscow to expand into space...). I guess it picks up speed once Kozlov and Zakharov start getting hands-on about it.

The idea of Feds being the messengers for Atlantis works pretty well (Fed ships have stuff like Transwarp which can do the trip with constituency, while SG ships for the most part need stuff like ZPMs to do it).

Was thinking that one of the potential contractors for the Full Circle project could be the Ad Astra Rocket Company (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_Astra_Rocket_Company), probably pioneering some modification to the impulse engines or something that Fed ships would like to test.

So there are several engines, Warp core parts and miscellaneous gear on the Full Circle fleet that have "Made In Costa Rica" stamped on them.

(OK, this one may be a bit trying to fan(expletive deleted) a bit too hard, but I really want to add something interesting (and beneficial) to CR. What I have right now is just that Konohagakure is here... and I guess that the regular government doesn't likes that because, well, ninja wars are bad for the surrounding countryside (as in "devastation equal to somebody dropping a dozen nukes" bad)).
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On a small add-on am now currently working on some other Information Packets for the setting, and I need some help here:

Ideas I have are as follows:

-NEW MEXICO: Only ideas I have so far are as follows:
+Albuquerque: Two things of notice on this area: 1) the criminal underworld is now ruled by Heisenberg, and the top drug is "Blue Sky" (or "Big Blue", "Blue Magic" or "Heisenberg Blue")-Walter's signature meth mixture, and 2) CLULESS has turned the roads of the city into a non-euclidean nightmare that can get you lost epically, from the wrong exit to *teleporting you to the other side of the planet, or in the worst-case scenarios, entirely different planets*. Albuquerque natives have been "gifted" by CLULESS with the capacity to navigate this, so hiring their services to ferry stuff through the city or being guides has been on the rise (and seriously, if they tell you to take a left turn, no matter what, DO IT!).

+Roswell and Dulce: Hot-spots for "Alien"-type Fictions (because they appear here often and also come to visit, plus there is a significant number of phenomena that can be described as "extraterrestial-related" happening around) and conspiracies (spies and criminal and higher-leveled conspiracies have been recorded to meet here, trying to invoke "refuge in audacity" and disappearing amongst the tourist-trap crowds, and as such spies and federal agents trying to intercept the former are also common). Dulce also has Archuleta Mesa nearby, on which supposedly is a secret government base (rumors of which are still unconfirmed by the government... but even if there was no base before the Vanishing, one way or another, chances are that one exists NOW (either because the government or some other group actually built one, or it popped into being as a type of massive "tulpa").

+"Hammer Falls": Officially the areas composed of the town of Galisteo (25 miles south of Santa Fe) and Cerro Pelon (or "Cook Movie") Ranch, the territory nick-named "Hammer Falls" has two things of interest for some people: for one, within the Ranch there is a permanent connection with Asgard (as in, you walk into a spot on the ranch, you are teleported there and probably get an earful from Heimdall for not even knocking). The other thing is the "Hammerfall Crater"-a big crater in the Ranch within which various copies of Mjolnir have crashed (and the damage several of them have speak of potentially dire, maybe even fatal, fates to their original wielders). Because of this, it has become a kind of monument for fallen Alternates of Thor throughout the Multiverse, with Asgardians arriving there often... and the fact that desecrating this crater and the copies of Mjolnir there holds a high chance of courting death by a horde of pissed-off Asgardians and their allies doesn't stops people from trying to steal the Supreme Mallets.
Galisteo and the Ranch, as such, have a rather significant influx of superhero-related tourism (and SHIELD, Avenger, JL, Mega-Corp and regular government surveillance).
(This one is a bit of a homage to "Old Man Logan"-although on *that* story, "Hammer Falls" was post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. Cerro Pelon Ranch is where most of the Earth scenes of the 2011 "Thor" movie were filmed).

-SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI: Well... this one needs some extra work... anybody here is a fan of "Gunnm" (you know, "Battle Angel")? Does anybody here know if the Scrapyard is located on Saint Louis (well, Sanguinis' flashback arc on "Last Order" takes place mostly around Saint Louis and it *seems* like the city that would later become the "Scrapyard" was formed from the ruins of St. Louis, but I seriously need confirmation of this.

Why....? Well, was thinking of mixing "Battle Angel", "Defiance" and maybe one or two other fandoms there (don't think I would add something like "Anita Blake" to this... unless it is to make her Public Enemy Number One or something).

OK, been thinking of some stuff, then...

bit indecisive about a detail to add to the setting. Don't know whether to add a civil war (or potential for civil war) to Costa Rica or not. Well, *second* civil war.

To elaborate: Costa Rica is a neutral country, and one of the things that allows us to be neutral is a big "nothing important here" sign. We don't have resources worth fighting for like oil, we are not on a strategically important position to be worthy of invasion (we are connecting both sides of the American continent, but would be better to invade Nicaragua or Panama), we don't export anything more important than Intel chips, coffee and such (well, there is my idea of having us be suppliers of some tech for the Starfleet ships, but if you really wanted to deal a blow to Starfleet, it would be best to attack San Francisco or Detroit or Mars).

But there is the fact that on The Line, we have the Ninja village of Konohagakure on one of our provinces. And Konohagakure holds ninja that are living weapons of mass destruction (such as, well, most canon Narutos by now). So anybody holding a beef with Konoha would invade Costa Rica to attack the village, and most probably would need to unleash weapons of mass destruction if they are to make damn sure that they are dead. And of course giving citizenship to a veritable army of Narutos/Sasukes/Ninja means that CR *could* be potentially violating its agreements of neutrality.

So the government is, understandably, quite nervous about this. And on their collective nervousness about this, they are envisioning ways to "fix" this, the top two possibilities being either ask Konoha to pull stakes and leave or make the entire province of Guanacaste (where Konoha is located) secede and make it purely Ninja territory.

Goes without saying that neither option is one that the rest of the citizens of the country are looking up to.

So am on the line about this.

And I kinda need help, folks.

Lord Zack

Perhaps it might help to identify the factions that are associated with Costa Rica, how they feel about Konohagakure's presence and how invested they are in the nations neutrality?

Well, IRL we have some alliances wight he United States, England, I think Spain, and the Chinese have been providing us with help on constructing several projects...

Don't think allegiances have changed much after the Vanishing.

Well, obviously there is a division on the population about the ninja staying and the ninja leaving. Off the top of my head on the latter part there would probably be a local branch of the Avengers Of Humanity with some ultra-nationalist tones. Maybe one or two local corps as well, nothing on the "mega" level, but still have home court advantage.
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