CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).

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Let's see:

fiction wise, we've had Lex Luthor from Superman/Justice League as president.(which didnt turn out so well)

If shadowrun manifested at least partially, we could have the dragon Dunkelzahn (Darktooth) as president (at least till that astral horror...incident...)

Wasn't Britannia from Code Geass effectively the american colony that grew into a world empire? I wouldn't be surprised at Lelouch or one of the other vi britannia family members taking a stab at it.

One question to ask though:
Who, in their (in)sane mind would WANT to govern the US in a setting/situation like this?

Lord Zack

I'd suggest Michael Wilson from Metal Wolf Chaos. Of course he'd probably spend much of his time fighting off various threats in his mech instead of actually running the country, possibly alongside such allies as Londo Bell and the like, but I'm not sure how governable the USA would be on the 'Line anyway.

,Who would be crazy enough to be the Commander In Chief of the US on The Line... craziness is not lacking. Competency is something more arguable.

A friend of mine tossed me the idea of an Alternate of Steve Rogers as President. Dunno if go for it.

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