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CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).

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Ender's Game-verse stuff. Shout-outs to it can be found here and there in places like "HALO" (heck, when the movie's trailer came out, some folks were raging that they ripped off Halo, when it's technically the other way around).


Pretty much advanced class for smart kids... with the idea of turning them into full-fledged fleet commanders by around age 15 (recruitment is at Age 6). Program had a bit of a problem that once they shut it down because the war they needed it for was over, they had some hyper-intelligent, super-general-type, borderline sociopath teens running around.

Battle School was located in orbit, so zero-G laser tag was part of the training. Taught you group tactics, thinking three-dimensionally when planning.

Like I said, there would probably be a craze of zero-G laser tag (and paintball for the more daredevil-types) here and there. Companies like "Hard Knocks" (http://www.indoorwar.com) may even go for the full re-enacting of the Battle School experience for "Ender's" fans. Or the ISA, if you're a "Shattered Horizon" (http://shatteredhorizon.wikia.com) fan.
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Why would try... well, Battle School could be like some kind of Space Camp on The Line-someplace that guys who want to develop more spacer skills and strategic mindset could go. Rumors concerning the people that run the place are sometimes not nice (Graff and Anderson are still running the show, and well, there *is* the fact that they drove kids up the wall back on their home dimension. Acting nice now, but the rumors include them doing some "special requests" for the UNSC and Section 31, trying to make the next Ender Wiggin... or someone that can top that guy), but so far inspection of the facilities and personnel and the kids that have come through has come up clean.

Ok, final quick idea for tonight...

Kingdom of Arendelle. Don't know where to place it yet on The Line (Denmark, maybe, because of the original Andersen story?). Allied with the Kingdom of Orlando. Still is partially undergoing the "eternal winter" phase of the "Frozen" film, even after Ella's (and other people's) best efforts.

It's "Frozen" meets... well, there's plenty of "frozen hell" examples on the media. "Lost Planet", "Snowpiercer", "The Colony", "The Day After Tomorrow"...


Lord Zack

I would place Arendelle in Norway. Also I think Elsa might well seek help in controlling her powers, possibly from Xavier's School and Hogwarts to name a couple possibilities.

The Plavsky Particle System Engineering company from Gundam Build Fighters has created a new subsidiary- Plavsky Mobile Weapons, to build and sell Mobile Suits. They have begun to employ many of the most skilled gunpla builders to design new and custom mobile suits, paying for their education if necessary. Skill at assembling gunpla doesn't directly contribute to mobile suit design, but nevertheless Plavsky Mobile Weapons is confident that with training, the creativity of their employees will allow them to design exceptional mobile suits. For instance, Sei Iori (one of the two main protagonists of Gundam Build Fighters) has begun to design a full scale version of his Build Booster with help from Morgenroete Incorporated, with later variants of the concept planned for down the line (like the Build Booster MK II and Universe Booster). This Build Booster is intended to be sold to both Orb for use with the Strike Rogue and to the Earth Federation for, possibly amongst others, a version of Mu La Flaga who is part of the 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell unit that pilots a Strike E (GAT-X105E). They have already begun to produce a full scale model of their Mock gunpla with the help of Anaheim Electronics (not having production capabilities set up to produce mobile suits themselves yet). The Mock can operate autonomously using an adaptation of the system originally designed to operate the original Gunpla model. It is also able to carry and use or be fitted with a number of different armaments, giving it an advantage despite it's base performance being not that great. The Mock is intended less as a battlefield combatant, however, and more as an aggressor unit for military exercises, for training and for test purposes.

Of course PPSE has continued their business in Gunpla Battles, actually buying out (or possibly merging with) Namco Bandai Holdings (or at least the rights to Gundam and gunpla) to further their business. The Gunpla Battle scene has seen some fresh blood, including both reals and fictions, such as Yugi Motoh and a pre-One Year War alternate of Amuro Ray.
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Anybody here a fan and/or has played the newest Civ game, "Beyond Earth"?

Have not had the opportunity to do so (mostly because I do not believe my computer would be able to run the thing), but I have been able to see some information about it, and I think that some ideas could be used with some refinement.

As an example... I have not been able to think of much for Brazil and surrounding areas (other than the Favelas being pretty much like a mini-"Escape From New York" situation, and even then it's not set in stone... or maybe they are like this, but improvement is coming along with big steps). But "Beyond Earth" has come along, and with it the Brasilia faction...

...so the question comes along on some details. Like how much could Brasilia affect Brazil. Would we be talking of a "Neo-Brazil" only or an entire Federation composed of some South American countries? And also which route could they take about it?

We have "Supremacy" (which could mean them having alliances with folks like the Pan-African Nation and Cortana, and the Brotherhood of Steel, but also some people having a vibe of these guys being like the Borg or something because they are starting to make cybernetic implantation a big necessity in life if not mandatory?), "Unity" (which of course would have them commuting with the Amazon (which is probably becoming as crazy as the Mexican coast up-continent, and having alien races like the Gungans and the Na'Vi running around, plus more normal natives. Of course, there may still be a clash in that it's not exactly "commuting" spiritually so much as attaching bits and pieces to your DNA so you don't get insta-killed by the stuff running around the jungle and calling it "commuting") and "Purity" (which is not as bad as it sounds, and they wanna be the good guys, but obviously some people could not feel pleasant about the proto-IoM feeling they have (especially in the gear designs)).

Slavic Fed's... well, guess fighting an uphill battle in Russia. Some folks want the improvements that it could bring (guess aesthetics are half-Supremacy, half-Purity to fit the "Red Alert" and other 'verses), but there's factions like Hotel Moscow that think that if people like Kozlov start running the show, their party's gonna be over.

Guess Polistralia's some ways to go, but Australia most probably got a nice boost from their tech. Affinity for mercantilism from Hutama has probably made him a good buddy of MannCo.

Don't know the other guys/girls yet.

I was also thinking of the "Beyond Earth" factions having established a light alliance between them, don't know how to call it-the "Beyonder Alliance" or the "Firexian Alliance" is the names that get to my head right now.

As for SMAC... that one definitely need more help with because it's been hard for me to find info. Guess we may need to add some more planets to Alpha Centauri, with the lot of crazy out there (like Polyphemus).

Lord Zack

Alas I have not been able to afford Beyond Earth yet. But you bet I am going to get it ASAP. I am installing the demo now. As for Alpha Centauri one of the best sources of information is the games manual, which includes a lot of information on the setting. The game is available on GoG.com for very cheap and that comes with the manual. If you're serious about using it in a game I'd suggest getting the GURPs sourcebook except that's out of print. I will of course try to give as much information and ideas as I can.

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