Cortex Prime Community License v2

Back in November, Fandom released a community license for use with its Cortex Prime system. It wasn't received well. But now they've published a new version!

The community reacted negatively to terms in the original license regarding the ownership of material created with the license. The new version makes it clear that creators maintain ownership of their work, while licensing (similar to the Open Game License) the content with other creators using the license. Some IP can be withheld, similar to how the OGL treats 'Product Identity'. The license indicates that "your game, product, text, and all of your ‘IP’ (names, places, situations, stories, lore, art, and fiction) remain your own”, while an "expression of rules" is shared with other users of the license.


The Cortex Prime Non-Commercial License V 2.0​

Late last year we launched (a little too quickly) the first version of our license. I’m not too full of myself to admit that I got too excited, and didn’t do all my due diligence, which lead to something that wasn’t the best license we could have had, nor was it the license that did exactly what we wanted (or needed) it to do. Our community here, as well as our wider community across socials and on Discord, gave us very clear feedback of where we had missed the mark, and gave us the opportunity to head back, put our noggins together and figure out where our wires got crossed.

Since the beginning of December 2021 I have been going back-and-forth and forth-and-back with our legal team here at Fandom (who have been incredibly gracious with their time and expertise) to turn my demands of them as a Community Manager, and Cam’s vision of what the Cortex creator space should be, into license-legalese gold. It’s been a process, but after a lot of that time, and an extra big lift from my wonderful team of moderators who tore each pass to absolute shreds and sent me back to the drawing board again and again, we have our second version!

I’ll be providing the link to both the new license and summarizing in bullet points here the biggest points before you hop in with your D12 Fine-Tooth Comb assets.

Click Here to Read the Non-Commercial Cortex Prime License

Summary of Major Changes

  • Clarified what you share with this license. (You maintain all ownership, you share expression of your rules with others who are also using this license, includes opt-in exemptions for expressions tied to your IP. Fandom does not own content made with this license.); FAQ includes best practices for crediting works when used in this fashion.
  • Revised clause on distribution to allow those creating with this license to distribute on platforms that don’t have T&C that otherwise violate this license, specifically includes as an approved non-commercial distribution channel.
  • Clarified what this license does NOT apply to (e.g. Content made solely for fun / entertainment purposes, content made to be sold / for commercial purposes)
  • Clarification on tip jars / patreons / pay-what-you-want and similar practices.

-Melissa Doucette

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Good on Fandom for listening to its customer base and fixing issues. I've messed about with Cortex and its a solid system so more content is always welcome and these changes should make that happen.

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