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Cortex Prime - What are your ideas for custom made systems?

Shroompunk Warlord

Archdruid of the Warp Zones
I'm currently running a modified MHR game which replaces Affiliations with Values, and adds temporary Relationship dice as a Resource; the game premise is based on the eXiles, so the players are all from separate timelines, and they're working together in a different timeline each Mission. The Relationship Dice help them define their own timelines/backstories and give me a little bit of unearned player investment in the NPCs-- when they put the dice down, they immediately start working out justifications for why their character cares so much about the NPC.

I'm looking at my Cascade City setting as a potentional Cortex game, cribbing mechanics from Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game and Fight! the Fighting Game RPG to represent the "urban wuxia" genre: probably going to use Attributes (of some kind), definitely going to use SFRPG's Techniques for combat, trying to decide between Barbarians of Lemuria's Careers for non-combat skills or default back to MHR's Specialties (minus Combat and Acrobatics).

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Just got my unlock code for Cortex Prime. The book is sitting at home, waiting until I return from work abroad, but Fandom has done an excellent job making a highly readable, navigable, and searchable on-line version of the the Cortex Handbook. I am very impressed with the system and its flexibility to build nearly any kind of game you would like to run. The rules can be as light or as crunch as you like. I don't think it will suffer from the GURPS problem (you can play any theme of game but it still feels like GURPS) but only time playing will tell.

I'm interested in reading about games other Cortex Prime fans are building or thinking of build.

My game started as Cavaliers of Mars (which is quite a similar system) but since evolved full-blown into a CortexPrime.
The original is about high adventure in retro-futuristic terraformed Mars. I moved from this concept to make it darker and closer to 1910s.

The PCs are agents of Lost-and-Found Bureau, a search-assess-and-contain team that deals with artifacts of previous eras.
They have an electric military truck and travel long winding roads to remote settlements, and act as first responders to various crises.

The catch here is that Illium, the place where the PCs hail from, has been governed for several hundreds of years by a junta made of officials who either inherit their posts through ties of blood or just do not seem to die at all (all of them wear masks so it's really hard to tell).*

A few links to campaign materials:
Basic Orientation Course for Gvmt Employees (Google Slides presentation)

Operation CARROT TOP (Google Slides presentation)


* For some reason, I have failed to attached a footnote. Anyway, here it is:
Military governs everything, but after a few hundred of years there are clans of blood related people who keep playing the same game.
It's like Mussolini's idealized version of Italy with lots of very, very dark stuff swept under the carpet.
So basically, you have clean streets, students attending universities, and those of decent position enjoying benefits of privileged life. At the same time, there are masses of lower social status who live from one day to another, who need to get by on scraps. Most people got jobs, but the pay below certain level is abysmally low.
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