D&D 5E Could the new D&D miniature game be the tactical miniatures module to D&D Next?


I crit!
I was wondering about how they would incorporate the kind of miniature combat like in 4e and full grid 3e, then it struck me, could the new miniature game be that module?

Then I wondered what about D&D next could the miniature game tell us? Aren't the new rules in beta posted online? If so has anyone played it?

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I really hope not. I gave the new minis rules a download and read them over. I didn't feel like it was a game I wanted to play. I'd be disappointed if that game was what was brought into D&DNext.


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This was the first I heard of a new minis game. I wonder why, considering how the last one fared? This looks pretty much the same, as well. The activate 2 at a time and damage coming in 5 point packets is a holdover from the last minis game. I don't think that represents mechanics we'll see in D&D. Taking damage by moving past a character is probably pretty likely for an options-off or option-low attack of opportunity mechanic. Morale saves are quite the surprise, both for the minis game and D&D. If we see it in D&D, it will be monster-only and will probably be an option at that.

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