Country Fair Dance!



Come one and all to the Country Fair Dance! Dress in your "country bumpkin" clothes and join us for an old fashioned ho-down! Come barefoot, unbrushed and in your pull-overs if you want! Brush up on your square dancing and dont forget to bring a blue-ribbon pie to share with all! Refreshments will include a roasted pig, ale and mead but that's not all! The dance will be held four days hence in Juxta's marketplace garden! I hope to see everyone there!

Nashira Tremont, Marshal of Juxta

((OOC Info: The dance will be held on January 17th from 5-9PST in the garden section of the Emporium. Please see this map for a clearer idea Please change your description for the country style event using the /describe edit command and remember to keep it within the COC! Hope to see you there!))

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