Creamsteak's Pathfinder Sunless Citadel [IC]


[sblock=OOC]We're beginning the adventure at the 'point of entrance' rather than beginning with the more traditional hook portion. This is to expediate the game's introduction and try to get the players in as soon as possible. By getting everyone onto a 1/day schedule of posting early, I hope to get a stronger commitment to the game going. Things might feel a little boxed in at first, since I'm essentially throwing you into the burning building, but the point of this game is also to test things mechanically and how they play out. I want the players to push as hard as they can till they are forced to retreat back to the nearest town to recover. [/sblock]

Background: Another party of adventurers, locally based, delved into the local ruins known as the Sunless Citadel a month past. They were never seen again. Two human members of that ill-fated adventuring party were brother and sister, Talgen Hucrele and Sharwyn Hucrele. They were part of an important merchant family based in the town of Oakhurst. Kerowyn Hucrele, the matriarch of the family, offers salvage rights to you and your team if you can find and return two lost members of her family -- or at least return the gold signet rings worn by the missing brother and sister. She also offers a reward of 500 gold per signet rignt. If you can bring back the Hucreles in good shape (of good mind and body), she offers to double the reward. In all, the missing adventurers included Talgen (fighter), Sharwyn (wizard), Sir Braford (paladin), and Karakas (ranger). Sir Braford was not a local, and the townspeople say that he had an enchanted sword he called Shatterspike.

Setting: Oakhurst is a small town close to the dungeon. Oakhurst is crossed by two different roads, conveniently called the Old Road and the New Road. The Old Road leads to the ravine in which the Sunless Citadel is burried, while the New Road is the primary trade route that passes through Oakhurst.


Dark Ravine: The Old Road passes to teh east of a narrow ravine. At the road's closest approach to the cleft, several broken pillars jut from the earth where the ravine widens and opens into something more akin to a deep, but narrow, canyon. Two of the pillars stand straight, but most of them lean against the sloped earth. Others are broken, and several have apparently fallen into the darkness-shrouded depths. A few similar pillars are visible on the opposite side of the ravine.

A sturdy knotted rope tied to one of the leaning pillars hangs down into the darkness below. Judging by its good condition, the rope couldn't have been tied there any longer than two or three weeks ago. There are also many older and weathered hand- and footholds carved into the surface of the cliff face.



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The rope seems fairly secured. It looks like it could easily hold more than three hundred pounds of weight without any problems.


(Note that if you don't explicitely roll something, in this example, a climb check, I'll tend to roll it for you to advance the game rather than ask "give me a climb check." That's not always true, but generally it is.)

You descend 25 feet till your feet are firmly planted on a sandy ledge that overlooks the subterranean gulf of darkness to the west. The ledge is wide but rough. Sand, rocky debris, and the bones of small animals cover it. A roughly hewn stairwell zigs and zags down the side of the ledge, descending into darkness.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Thunder rummages through his pack and grabs a sunrod. He smacks it against the cliff face to activate it.

He carefully chooses his footing and makes his way over to the stairwell.

Acrobatics/Balance Check: 21

Thunder crunches down and extends his hand holding the sunrod down into the darkness. He peers down to mae out any detail now visible due to the lit sunrod.

(Not sure how to handle a Perception check as it is not one of my skills chosen; cross-class or untrained?)

Walking Dad

First Post

The elf wizard is surprised by the human's boldness. "Hey Thunder, do you need us at all? Is it save down there, or did you already need a cleric. If not, I will send the trapsmith."

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Its safe, so far Aramil. Theres a ledge about 25 feet down and there is a staircase that leads down from the ledge into a dark pit. I've got a sunrod lit and I'm tring to make out some detail. Go ahead and send the trapsmith down.
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Skye - Human Cleric - AC 16 - hp 17/17 - Perception (+7)

"Oooh!" she remarked as she stared down the fissure in the earth. "Talk about walking on the path less travelled." She grinned and kept staring down the fissure, looking sideways when Thunder first pulled the rope and then cunnily managed to climb down to the ledge below. "No need to wait, Thunder," she called in mirth, "When you find the Hucreles, we'll be right here!" She laughed lightly and then pulled on the rope herself.

Amaril walked up towards the rope and called down to their eager companion. "Let's pull the rope up and leave him down there," she said with another laugh, before peering down again, her face this time serious. She gripped the earth, pulling a handful of it to her nose. She sniffed it noisily, and then sighed. "It's going to be one of those days. Come on, Amaril, let's get down there." And without a word she followed down the rope after their entreped trapsmith.

[SBLOCK=OOC]OOC: Climb down the rope, and ready her shield once below.

Spells and Abilities Active:

Spells Cast and Abilities/Items Used:

Spells Prepared:

Spells Prepared (Normal 3/1, Wis 0/1):

Level 0 (3): Detect Magic, Light, Resistance
Level 1 (2):

Character Sheet


Skye quickly descends the rope, leaving two above and two below. At that point, the sunrod comes to its full brightness, and two hidden dire rats are revealed, concealed among the rocks and debris.

Thunder makes his spot check, and can act during the surprise round. He also acts before either rat can.

Initiatives - Surprise Round
Thunder <-Starting Here
Dire Rats (3)


Thunder would be approximately where the arrow is pointing. Skye would be just down from the rope, roughly 10 feet to the east of that. One rat is adjacent to Skye. One is adjacent to thunder. And the third is just a bit north and west of Thunder. I'll switch to a more tactical map if the fight starts to warrant it.

Note that it takes a double move to descend the rope to the bottom, so Aramil and the Rogue are going to likely be delayed on getting down.


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