[Creative Exercise] Supreme beings in a summary, Deities in a dispatch

Inspired by the "Worlds In A Word, Planes In A Paragraph" and "Campaigns In A Nutshell, Adventures in a Sentence" threads, this is a thread to brainstorm ideas for deities.

I'll start the ball rolling:

God the Bro and the King of Gloom- God the bro created the first man in order to have someone to drink and party with, and created the first woman in response to complaints from the first man that it was "a sausage party". Their constant partying angered his downstairs neighbor, the King of Gloom, the Gloomy King of the Underworld. The King of the Underworld connived to draw the first man and woman into his power by tricking them into eating the food of the underworld, however the first man and woman only ate five sevenths of the meal and thus instead of being bound physically to the underworld must instead descend spiritually into the underworld five days out of seven by working

Mother Odent- Mother Odent is the primordial mother rat goddess. Primordial deities tend to give birth to concepts (such as discord, harmony, sleep, dawn, fate, etc.) and this one is no different. The world is free of many bad things that could have been because the goddess, being a rat, tries to eat the bad concepts as soon as they are born. She isn't able to eat all of them however - usually for appropriately mythological reasons - so there are still some bad things. Old Age became full grown and ran away before she could eat him, and she could not eat Suffering because it hurt her mouth, etc.

Pater Nosferatu- Former fertility god who turned vampire after being slain. Each spring he is slain by the sun, and each fall he rises from his grave to bring the winter.

Mother Whiptail- Fertility goddess whose failed marriage culminated in the slaying of her husband Pater Nosferatu (above) in an epic fight that shook the world off its axis. Following her seperation from her husband she assumed the form of a parthenogenic whaitail lizard.

Drankalottaliika - Mighty Drankalottaliika is frequently mistaken for a volcanic island. Ages ago he got drunk and passed out in the ocean anf has remained there ever since. He occasionally vomits, and at these times the tribesmen who live on his body must throw hangover cures into the volcanic pit that forms his mouth.

Demeicro, The Prince of Dimness - Similar to how Malcanthet is the Queen of Succubi and Kardum is the Lord of Balors, Demeicro is the King of the Manes (the most basic type of demon, Fiendish Codex 1, Pg 45). As lord of the weakest demon type he is one of the weakest demon lords possibly the weakest. This is one of the demon prince positions with the highest rate of turnover; He isn't the first to hold this position, he won't be the last, and he may not even be the only one (similar to how Malcanthet and Shami-Amourae are both Queen of the Succubi). He is also one of the dumbest of the demon lords and the demonic patron of stupidity, earning hin the derisive title "The Prince of Dimness". He seems to think that this has to do with literal dimness and has developed some magical abilities to match

He appears as a giant manes demon and is usually surrounded by a retinue of manes, In combat he has a tendency to throw these minions at people, using their acidic cloud death throes as a bomb. Sometimes he will go through several before realizing that an enemy is resistant or immune to acid. He dwells in a shoddily constructed fortress and rules his minions from a makeshift throne made of chicken bones and dead animals

Korath, the Thirteenth Son- Korath the Thirteenth Son (or "The Thirteenth Son of the Thirteenth Son" in some texts) is the demon lord of misfortune, accidents, unwelcome surprises, and unplanned pregnancy. In this last aspect he is an enemy of Lamashtu. It is unclear precisely whose thirteenth son Korath is, but Pale Night and Grazzt seem likely possibilities. He appears as a tall, pale, vampire-like man whose reflection causes mirrors to shatter. He lives in a layer of the abyss known as the Hall of Broken Mirrors, an endless mirror maze filled with cracked mirrors and broken glass that he shares with several other archfiends of misfortune.

Ortox the Fiendish Physician- Ortox the Fiendish Physician, also known as Ortox the Vivisector, is an ancient Sibriex who has advanced his mastery of flesh grafting and the occult far beyond the already formidible abilities of his kin, having also mastered the secrets of necromantic grafts and mindflayer grafts, the latter secrets having been extracted under torture from the denizens of a mindflayer settlement he laid siege to and destroyed by zombifying their thralls. He is employed by several more major demon lords as a personal physician.
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Sarscov- Sarscov is an upstart altroloth (yugoloth archfiend) who is currently marshalling forces to assault Khin-Oin and usurp the Oinoloth. An accomplished mercenary leader, his private army numbers in the tens of thousands. He has the unique ability to shift his form to not only change his appearance, but also to manifest weapons like blades and spikes out of his body (like the Terminator from Terminat0r 2). When he impales someone with an arm-turned-spike he can immediately attempt to enter their body through the wound to posess them

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