Creatures-By-Poll: Fey #5 (recovery effort)

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Aspect of BOZ

First Post
here it is - cast your judgement upon it! ;)

This neutral fey creature is the guardian of hidden and ancient sites that serve as pathways to the afterlife for the spirits of other fey. The akhukuk is secretive and even deceptive about its true task, which is to guide the spirits to their destination and to protect these holy places sacred to fey.

The akhukuk's natural form is that of an oversized polar bear, with eyes and mouth that seem to open up into the black void of night. In this form, the fey can exude a breath weapon which functions similarly to a modified prismatic mist spell (see PHB2).

The akhukuk has the ability to assume the form of a wizened gnome-sized humanoid when it wishes to speak to sentient creatures. This form's skin appears to be ebony, dotted with pinpoints of white starlight like a cosmic field of stars. In this form, the akhukuk has spell-like abilities instead of a breath weapon.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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