OGL Critical Role Issues Statement

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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
That's... not much of a statement. Not much of anything, really. Some vague fluffy feel-good stuff that commits them to absolutely nothing.
Frankly not terribly surprising. There’s no realistic way CR would be able to switch to another system, so their only real option is to say some vague platitudes about community in hopes of angering as few people as possible.


I just had blueberry pancakes so I feel pretty good already.
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It's vague and entirely noncommittal, but given how entangled CR is with D&D at the moment, I'm sure it's the best they can do for the time being - whatever their actual feelings (pro-WotC or pro-OGL), they want to alienate neither WotC nor their fanbase writ large, and too strong a statement one way or the other would do just that.


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I do hope that Matt Mercer, with his Tatooine boy-racer haircut, is going to follow the Force with this. If he doesn't, that's okay. We will not be disappoint. But even us OGL-nihilists are allowed a glimmer of hope, when we see the hair.

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