Crow Eating thread

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I just hope people keep this in mind someone claims that boycotts don't work. Things are not always hopeless, and we sometimes have more power than we think. I hope this brings you all hope. <3

I don't think anyone here claimed boycotts don't work. It was just a quibble how do to do it most effectively... like it should be in a good RPG forum.


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Other than inventing a time machine and scrapping the whole idea before it even got rolling, let alone had a draft of it leaked, I think this was probably the best possible outcome, for pretty much everyone involved.

I mean, I guess except for the people who wanted to see WotC crash and burn.


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Nothing wrong with grandma's crow gizzards smothered in gristle.



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Just wanted to say that at the beginning of this whole thing, I made some statements out of ignorance that I now regret. I've never been into 3PP much, and had no idea how much the proposed 1.1 would hurt so many. While I never had any vitriol against WotC, I sided with the community in my feedback to the survey, and suggested that their best course of action would be to release 5.1 to a CC license and move on. I'm thrilled to see that it was. An open license under the control of a corporation isn't an open license.

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