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ZEITGEIST Cultsbane's bizarre D&D adventure: Zeitgeist - 5Eish


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Session length: 2 hours and 8 seconds (short session sadly)

The DM informs Anael (VM) about giving the mirror to Gael & the rest of the party about this person who can defy the laws of the land and fly while commiting acts of terrorism against the nation of Risur. As though more complications are needed in Risur and especially Flint
Investigation of the body continues with the party arguing with the Danor staff about if they can take the body home for further investigation by the RHC, they're very adamant that they will not let that happen.

They do permiss an investigation into the body, which involves Anael basically digging throughout the corps checking everything including inside and out. The boyfriend watching in horror as she does this without much concern or respect

Freya and Isabelle watch in a different types of fascination, Anael find an used invisibility potion (illegal, with an etching Dansica Waryeye) & finds out they're connected to The Family (Crisillyir mafia, Freya is familiar enough to say it's unusual they're in Flint) and the boyfriend of the deceased leaves in disgust upon seeing his girlfriend corpse desecrated so carelessly

Kelik disguises himself as a Risur guard to talk to the boyfriend, Brendan, and that goes poorly with them again leaving in disgust. Kelik later talks to the Danor staff and has to listen to them badmouthing Ber without showing any signs of agitation about this offense to his homeland. More & more leads are revealed

Anael eats a cookie from the Danor staff and notices they're edibles full of Fey Pepper but she keeps her composer, she also finds out about the doctor

Hops talks with more Danor guards as distraction as everyone investigates. The Danor guard rants about how Risur living standards are inferior, they've got worse working conditions, and how they need to have an election or revolution to take out the governor Roland or Flint will never really prosper

Freya and Isabelle go to the Dockers for leads, finding out that someone stole sometimes from the body and left before engaging in a fight later, that something was supposedly a deed to docks stamped owned by Danor

* Isabelle goes to follow the boyfriend to the bar (The Thinking Man), see what they can find out, since Anael is certainly out with talking to him

* Hops stays behind with the body because the party really wants to take the corpse for more investigation (as the guard story isn't matching forensic investigation)

* Anael is going to investigate the dock deed lead, but that'll be in the morning

* Kelik is going to check with the doctor at his hotel

* Freya is going to the Sechim Alkahest and Etchings factory to find more about the etching, Dansica, who bought the potion, et cetera

We first start off going to the bar. Isabelle boys Brenden a drink. The flirtation isn't going the best but she manages to decept him into continue the conversation until he just leaves. A bartender bard calls her out for being too desperate and everyone starts laughing

Isabelle talks to the bartender & orders a drink. The DM has to go & we'll pickup next session!

I guess we're going to steal the body too eventually lol.

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Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
One of our players, Georgen, has left the campaign for the foreseeable future. Not for any bad reasons but just being overwhelmed by that college grindset.


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
That's always a sad development. I hope you're able to keep the game going and keep it fun for everyone still in it.

We're Still planning on playing weekly if we can. Next session looking to be this Saturday either 3 or 4 Eastern Standard Time and we'll end around 7. I feel so bad for the DM because they're going through have to prepare for the party splitting in 5 different directions and we're a handful together let alone well alone.


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 2 hours, 36 mins, 42 seconds

Isabelle gets completely s-faced drunk and falls asleep at the thinking man tavern after striking out on the third date this campaign, we'll return to her later next episode (in actuality she had some medical concerns and needed an absence for the episode, sucks, but understandable and easy to work in)

Freya goes through the industrial zone of flint, watching several appalling working conditions while touring factories, 30-50% of these factories are employing majority minors, and Freya is giving direct sympathy to the worker's protesting (though distinguishing that this is unofficial support and not a reflection of the RHC). Go James Connolly! (yes that is a reference to Black 47 & the Dublin Irish revolution)

Freya arrives at the industrial strength acid factory to find out about the death of the Tiefling Nellisa, talking to the boss head Herald Sechim about the factory conditions being better than any other in Flint, Freya asks about the attacks on the factories for any specific information, and eventually Nellisa involvement in the Danor consult and the family (mafia) before investigating her room and finding out about a meeting with the house elf in a few days

Eventually they settle on an agreement that Freya will pursue a Skyseer lead to find about Gael and that in exchange for a peaceful settlement between the proletariat revolutionaries protesting, factory owner bourgeois business practice interest, and the Gael supporting terrorist organizations who are burning down the factories without any rhyme or reason

Freya also buys a campaign worth of industrial strength acid! I'm sure that'll come in handy eventually lol.

Kelik goes investigating the Doctor at the Bluebird inn. Wolfgang Von Recklinghausen, finding out that someone is impersonating a police officer (Roger) and is in pursuit of a few leads and the doctor himself, though the impersonating officer is severely injured, as though by acid burn attacks. Which matches some of the information Freya found out

Meanwhile at the consult, Freya and Kelik show up to steal the Tiefling body to give it to the RHC for forensic investigation before leaving. Anael & Hops stay behind to basically take a bit of punishment for the situation, while also convincing them otherwise. Anael discovers that without a sword she isn't that skilled, which turns her to depression from inadequacy for the first time in her life. Hops gets a reputation among Danor as an annoying chatterbox

In the morning the inspector head of the RHC Stover Delft is pissed about the missing body wanting to avoid an international incident, but he gives the team a bit of time to look through the body and find out more details before finding out a solution to this incident before it potentially causes a war

Freya using her spiritual medium connections on top of some RHC help powers to finds out more information from Nelisa about her murder, that it was actually from the person impersonating officer Roger who killed her and as well as more information on the house elf and Gael

Kelik dumps the body at the doctor's place in the bluebird inn and we blame him for stealing it in the first place before finding out more information, especially on someone referred to as the professor

4 things to investigate at this point. Doctor's professor at the university, the so called house elf, the Skyseer who knows about Gael, & the two friends of Nellisa at the correctional institute

At first we go to the University to find out about the doctor's professor and to find more information. We managed to convince him to give us more information because we know that someone is impersonating an officer (Roger) is trying to find the doctor

Hops and Freya decide to sit and listen to the good professors lecture to the university. The other two are going to find what Isabelle knows and eventually other leads.

Which this ends the session for today. Hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day
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Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 3 hours, 8 mins, & 39 seconds

Anael goes off to The Thinking Man Tavern to pick up Isabelle, but mostly to drown out her recent unexpected failure with the strongest alcohol they have.

The bartender gave her a drink mixing rubbing alcohol and everclear, after all she did ask for the strongest stuff they have. The bartender laughing gives her a beer on the house & plays 'wonderwall' on repeat

Isabelle was glad to finally be leaving and was tired of being treated as a intellectual chew toy, with annoying know it all college students giving out all of their theories or recent studies without taking a break. Things such as fey frog biology, how the moon is actually a star, and that there are actually two suns in the sky but one was made non functional

As this is going on Kelik is undergoing a certain task, not actually sure exactly what it is, as it was private between the DM & player. Though I've got some speculations!

Hops & Freya listen in on the lecture about the bizarre anatomical incorrectness of the Feywild frogs in the dreaming before the professor declares a pop quiz and that she needs to take care of something important. Freya follows her, while Hops tries selling the answer sheet to the tests while she is gone.

Freya observes the professor meeting with this sharp dressed man in a checkered suit and a fedora. The professor lets them know we know about the doctor and we want some sort of meeting, so be prepared. Freya gasped knowing who this was, the fedora gave it away, the incel mafia!

We meet all back up and agree it's time we look further into our leads. As we're heading to an address, the party hears a loud clash and screaming horses. A woman screams that her child is being taken away and we follow into a theater where we get surrounded by multiple members of the family with advanced firearms. Negotiations promptly began

The family was undergoing a civil war between supporters of the revolutionaries and those opposed to supplying them at all. We get information about a trade in two days, about a bunch of very important undisclosed goods. At this point one of the mafioso factions attacks the theater, setting it on fire, and we escape through the chaos of dozens of men stabbing and shooting each other.

Kelik contemplates for the first time if they actually are one of the good guys in this situation or not. We inform detective Stover of this, who recommends we check out the rehabilitation center in the next day before the meeting

We suggest allocating a significant amount of resources to the meeting. Stover informs us that a few matters have come up that might make it difficult to do much of anything, although he might be able to spare an officer or two.

Freya gets her delivery of a campaign worth of industrial grade acid.


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Character illustration and backstory of Anael, pronounced as (on-i-el)


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Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Extremely quick summary of the first campaign module (apologies that I didn't include this earlier) - Total play time was 15 hours, 22 mins, & 35 seconds (5 campaign episodes)

Basically a lot of planned additions got changed when we switched DMs. Although we kept things like bloodied, adrenaline rush, system shock, & the lore of the goddess Malenia

We stopped the Dockers from disrupting the Coaltongue launching by getting into a big fight, which Thamas requests we deliver a message to the Governor of Flint, Rolland (which we still haven't done yet).

Harkover Lee uses a lightning bolt & fireball combination to absolutely destroy these Danor splinter group assassins as they attempt to assassinate the king of Risur

We saved the king, but we ended up messing up against the Duchess bodyguards & losing the Coaltongue to an explosion from them. Which doesn't get the RHC to like us

Hops & Kelik observed this aquatic fey creature helping the Duchess, but they've yet to disclose anything about this

The assault on Yeezus island has some really good moments, especially combat. Especially the fight within the cave with these clay golems and air elementals, assaulting the fortress complex, & getting more magical items

Managed to fight, win, & capture Asrabey against all the odds stacked against us (which I'm sure will have no repercussions at all to the overall plot)

We're actually all in agreement as a party that the Feywild has legitimate concerns against the technological advancements of Risur

Our success on the island prevents a Risur - Danor war and puts back on the good side of the RHC

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