ZEITGEIST Cultsbane's bizarre D&D adventure: Zeitgeist - 5Eish


DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Bought our DM the 3rd module (all 3 parts) since we're all enjoying it enough to continue (no idea how close we are to finished with part 2, my meta knowledge as the former DM ended last night)

Campaign time: 3 hours, 24 mins, & 23 seconds

The party goes off to an secluded area to have some much needed discussion about the mission & our general loyalties & goals.

We're all in agreement that we are (not) in support of the RHC & we all don't have agendas that are far outside helping Risur. Infact we all definitely love the technological advancements and progress of Risur more than the antiquated ancient Feywild/Dreaming ways and want Risur to be prosperous (we say in a smoke filled room, cut with dry sarcastic undertones)

Hops says maybe we should consider possibly using the wand shipment as bribery and looking the other way for a quick buck, but we dismiss that idea. Not out of any ethical reasons but because we already screwed ourselves by informing the RHC

Anael is still absolutely shocked that no one commented on her celestial type transformation, besides Freya who just tries poking her

Eventually we decide on traveling towards the Skyseers for some more information. On our way there we decide we should buy a bag of holding or two, which because of inflation is now 4,000 gold pieces, though with negotiations we get it down to 2000 gold pieces. Going through other shop's potions we find that they're related to Waryeyes apothecary & decide to take a visit there in the morning as an active RHC investigation

* We all joke and make fun of the fact that this was probably one of the greatest railroadings we've ever seen because of the natural fit

The visit begins decently enough with us meeting a gnome shop owner & buying a bit of items. Including healing lollipops, potions of superior healing, potions of gaseous form, potions of glibness, and this specialized paint. This paint has the property of being heat resistant, insulating, and can reform into different shapes.

Things do begin to deteriorate when we go and visit her husband the house elf, who is also a gnome. While watching his show where he pulls honey badgers out of a hat, Kelik snuck around his office, found a trap & accidentally set it off. Setting fire to a good portion of his building.

This causes, understandably, the Waryeyes to get absolutely unbelievably angry and refuse any negotiations until we get in writing that the RHC specifically are going to pay in full for the damages. Anael tries convincing her not to get the government involvement and she'll get the church to help, but it isn't enough to persuade them otherwise

The husband leaves to go inform the police of our "crime", as Freya goes to catch up to him, she suggests to Kelik that we remind them that they are currently under active investigation by the RHC and will be detained if they don't cooperate, especially after that assault on an officer. Kelik is hesitant to use that much authoritative muscle that easily, especially with the already fragile representation the RHC has in this section of town. Could spark off an incident

Freya catches up to the husband, slows him down with gravity magic, takes the camera showcasing the property damage evidence as evidence to the RHC investigation and makes a nat 20 deceptive play that she knows someone in the insurance company that'll help pay off the damages even though they don't have good insurance (when eventually caught on the lie, Freya just goes "yeah I'm with the government, we lie")

The lady gnome wants zero rational dialogue or exchanges until she gets fully in writing that the damages will be paid by the RHC and the house sections are rebuilt beforehand. Kelik says this enough and informs her of her involvement in Mallisa death at the Danor embassy.

As this is going on her husband makes a weird gesture to his head, Freya informs the party of this, and they agree to push the issue further as this is a sign of telepathic communication between the two.

They're both put into RHC custody and reveal to us that there is going to be an powerful magical wand shipment soon overseen by the 4 factions we've been dealing with (The Family, The Fedora Mafia, The Anarchist under Gael, and The Smugglers) and that Gael herself should be seeing the transaction take place personally. The Waryeyes give us some additional information to set up a meeting with Gael another way if needed

Anael feels horrible for doing injustice, especially after she is called an RHC lapdog, & volunteers to stand guard and run the Apotheke while they're in custody. So no idea if she'll be joining us or how that'll play out, but I'm excited

Though we agree before going to that meeting that we're going to go visit the Skyseers. Excited to find out what comes next weekend, what the Skyseers say, & if we'll accidentally trigger a giant war in the city

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day

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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Got my character Freya commissioned (oh yeah check out the artists work on Instagram at Burrito McGee or on Reddit under u/Vikunga)


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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Campaign time: 2 hours, 51 mins, 50 seconds

We go to the RHC headquarters to turn in the gnomes. Inspector Stover asks what happened, Kelik bashfully informs him of what transpired

"During our investigation into the death at the Danor embassy, we found leads that led us in the direction of the so-called house elfs as we believed they would have information involving the case. During my investigation of the house, I pulled on a rope and it let down a bucket of fire dust and it cost 5,000G worth in damages. Which they want paid in full as to avoid any unwanted hostilities"

Stover agrees, mostly because he wants to avoid encouraging any more unrest. The growing instability and general incompetence of the RHC has become very problematic for Flint, So all precautions to avoid incidents are being made

We ask for a scroll of identify, which Freya copies into her spellbook. Successfully learning that spell.

We charter a boat to the reformatory, deciding to visit there before the Skyseer. Anael & Isabelle captain the sailing vessel across dangerous waters, while Anael informs the party that she heard about how recently a snitch within the ranks of the reformatory lead to retaliation by burning the 13th ship down

The reformatory is a bunch of ships tied off of an island, ships that should have been decommissioned 20 years ago. We noticed very quickly that it is a prison colony, and not as progressive as it makes itself out to be.

We find the inmates we're looking for; Travis and Ford, who agree to help out our investigation In exchange for safe passage off of the island and freedom to avoid retaliation. Which Is reasonable considering the recent fire

We eventually settle on a deal in which they have a week to help us. If the information they provide is valuable, we will make sure to get them out of prison and into protective custody. Isabelle and Freya also make very bad puns about Melissa being split in obligations, She is really divided right now. She'll meet us half way. I know horrible right 😂

We basically have enough information from them that we could easily do the setup for the wand sail, but Freya & Hops decide to visit the Skyseer Nevard. Freya wants to set up a meeting with Gale.

On the journey there, Freya gets exhausted (DM changed the encounter here, because rest of party stayed behind, something our party does a lot is split) and basically has to be helped along the way by Hops

Freya & Hops discuss the methods for entering the dreaming, history of the Fey titans, and the general reaction towards being out into the cities. With Freya adopting a much more positive outlook to city life

We eventually get an audience with the Skyseer Nevard, who asked us our opinion of the RHC. We inform him off the record we are big fans, he smiles and agrees to set up a meeting between Freya and Gale.

The plan is that Freya is actually going to just set up an alliance with Gale, while proposing measures that'll lead to reforms that'll be beneficial to factory workers and the proletariat. Freya will in turn act as an inside source for Gale within the RHC. Freya really has no interest in stopping the smuggling ring, not really does the party (but we'll see)

Nevard says to Hops that he is very important to the destiny of the world, as is his crew, saying that if you want more information you have to seek it at cauldron Hill, to bring Nevard to this location in 3 days time.

Freya is aware of this in her study for her PhD, saying Caldron hill was very connected to the Feywild. That her instructor Ranni the Witch informed her of dark witchcraft performed there, sacrifices and the devouring of souls. So we're agreed that we're going to go visit to unravel more mysteries, while encountering new ones

Nevard gives her an armillary, that'll be essential for cracking a mystery later down the road. The two go back to meet the rest of the group and get some sleep before deciding what to do regarding the wand situation, and our session ends

So far we've been joking that depending on how this wand transfer goes, this might be the first time ever we've gone an entire module without having any combat. The team is heavily divided on references within the AP, with half of us loving references in any medium, calling it as inspired, while the other half finds it lazy.

I wonder how much we will prefer module 3 return to a more episodic approach vs Module 2 web based approach. Also more combat & Eldritch abominations like according to the DM, so I'm excited

I'm actually more excited because that means we're going to continue into module three. Hoping we make it through the entire AP in the most bizarre way possible

Hope you have a wonderful week!


DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Campaign time: 3 hours, 25 mins, 16 seconds

Note: What an absolutely insane session, especially after so many weeks without any combat, It was absolutely worth it even though we might have screwed everything up.

Isabelle player couldn't be here this week because of work related reasons & we didn't anticipate much going on this session (apparently we were wrong)

The session

Flint is getting impacted by more and more frequent tiny earthquakes, which it is not known for seismic activity. The residence of Flint are convinced this is a punishment by the Fey for allying with Danor

Kelik and Anael discuss the possibility of Stover pardoning the two criminals Travis & Ford, if they cooperate. Anael is worried Stover is going to kill the criminals regardless, Kelik says he'll just take him back to reformatory, which is basically another form of death sentence. Still they determine that the information they provided so far isn't enough

Anael goes to get more information, while Kelik cleans his shotgun in the corner

They recap that the clergy is involved from Crisillyir. So the wands got stolen from the clergy, & so they're pissed. These wands can produce wave of fires, weaken one's enemies at the knees, control minds, cause bullets that don't miss, & of course shoot off lightning

They don't know who Roger Porter is. Kelik loads his shotgun to begin intimidating them into providing further information

They learn that the Risur government isn't cracking down on the fedora mafia despite how open they are with crime. Which is a bit suspicious don't you think?

Around this time Freya & Hops show up. Hops really wants to see the sky with the Skyseer Nevard and doesn't care about the wands. Freya wants to have a meeting with Gale to get more information on her PhD, flight, and the planet Apet

As this is happening another earthquake triggers. Hops informs the party that after the king ended the fey offering ceremonies it has caused the fey titans to roll around in disgust forming these great earthquakes, at least that is if you believe the superstitions. Which actually causes a religious debate between the party.

Hops & Kelik represent the more anti-religious faction (Kelik's player has been a religious Cleric for every campaign we've done, so they're happy for a change) Anael & Isabelle represent the religious faction, both worshiping Malenia, although in completely different ways and interpretations. Meanwhile Freya is indifferent, only caring with regards to her PhD, and has no problems with the religious or irreligious.

Kelik & Anael go to see Stover to get the criminals forgiven. As they arrive at the RHC HQ, they see that the staff is understaffed & overworked to the point that multiple people haven't slept in days. Protesters are outside demanding the formations of unions

Stover not having time for this because of manpower shortages flips a coin to determine their fate fate & it says they get back to the reformatory, Anael and Kelik convince them that it would be certain death for the two

They informed Stover the reformatory is basically a Billionaire playhouse as he decides indefinite punishment and gets free slave labour out of you. Stover is convinced to naughty word them over because that should be the RHCs free labour

Anael roll natural 20 and stover is convinced to let the prisoners become trainees because of a shortage of manpower

Anael & Kelik leave to get "special pastries" & lunch for the office. Who are greatly appreciated. They even volunteer to take a shift, which allows some of the staff a few hours of sleep

Jump to hops visit on Calderon hill, well to get Mayor Reed to let him in. On the way he has to go through some of the more poor districts which have Propaganda for the anarchists everywhere. You also see some of anti-anarchist propaganda, But it seems as though the favorability of the area is 75% towards the anarchist

Hops requests a meeting with the mayor, arriving early in the morning it's pretty easy to get being an RHC member to get escorted up the hill to meet him.

Calderon hill is 3000 feet high, The mayor's manor reads danger eldritch magic ahead

Hops is aware that one of the qualifications to become the mayor of this area is supreme knowledge of defense against the dark arts. Mayor Reed is known to be a very profound sorcerer himself & they discuss going up the hill despite the dangers that lie ahead, Reed agrees but only if they arrive with a full party. They also talk about the Skyseers & if they're beneficial or not

Reed points out the Skyseers convinced the area to not industrialize, which arguably industrialization has been a boom for the area. Hops says they're prophets of the old religion, which interpretations are different and they don't know technology which causes the wrong messaging

Cut to Freya following the Canary signal. An envelope is put into her pocket, which basically reads if you want to meet with me go to this tree and tell it all your secrets

So Freya goes there & the tree reveals absolutely nothing even after she rants to it, this is even after Freya says she knows the anarchist are running information back to Danor

As she is looking for a possible button or something Freya getting a nat 1 bumps her head into the tree, gets knocked out and now has a concussion

Kelik & Anael are discussing with fellow RHC agents the possibility of bottling up smog & emissions to create a cleaner environment when Hops arrives. They actually convinced the RHC to give them more healing potions and smoke bombs.

They waited a bit longer and noticed that Freya still hadn't arrived yet. They leave to go find her and find Freya knocked underneath the tree, a bunch of school children laughing at her and drawing whiskers on her face.

Freya is a bit upset about this setback & drinks a bit at the hotel while saying that she didn't even get the meeting. Kelik is basically like okay we're forcing Gale's hand here And we head off to the tree. Anael investigates the tree & Freya casts identify, It is a normal tree

Kelik can't intimidate the tree by saying that If you want a peaceful transfer of the wands you will cooperate with us. Freya cannot persuade the tree rolling shorter nat 1 and begins to beg as bystanders begin watching

A masked woman on the rooftops is absolutely laughing at the absurdity of all this. Kelik tries to follow her with Freya using her gravity magic to give him more freedom of movement by making Kelik lighter, but the woman flies away and disappears either by teleportation or by invisibility (For her sake we're really hoping it's teleportation, Because you'll see)

Kelik now wants to disrupt the arms deal because Gale didn't meet with us. So Kelik and Anael go to the island to prepare early for the arms deal and scope out the area, which we know the transfer is going to be at night.

Thankfully and after the DM rolled for it, It was a new moon so we're more able to disguise ourselves under the cover of darkness. We also get two sailing vessels from the RHC, one slightly larger than the other and 12 RHC sailors. So in total the entire crew for this is 19 RHC agents, with two in training being the prisoners. We split into two boats; Freya and Anael got the smaller boat, while Kelik and Hops get the bigger boat

Now begins the fun. The ship piloted by the anarchist and the ship piloted by the family signal for each other the meet. As they approached each other, Anael turns on the boat light and says we have you surrounded this is the RHC come out with your hands up

A woman comes out from the captain quarters and dares them to try anything.
Kelik shoots his heavy crossbow that grazes the female Captain's face, scaring it up, and Kelik demands she surrenders to the RHC.

She laughs as 15 men with crossbows all take aim at kelik. They land 3 hits on him, for 14 damage. Hops retaliates and throws a chaos bolt at the boat, causing 14 lightning damage onto the anarchist pirate Captain

On the other side The family Mafia's boat comes right at the one occupied by Anael and Freya, we roll a nat 1. Crash!
They board us with daggers in hand and go after the sailors. Who all die! Freya realizing how bad the situation is casts magnify gravity onto both boats (as they're fused together from the impact) And both boats sink into the ocean, the family in complete shock by this. Everyone else watches as both boats just completely sink under the water

Cut back to Kelik and Hops, they tell the RHC sailors to begin firing at the anarchist boat with their guns as they're going around them to pick us up. They open fire with firearms. 6 of them fire, 2 hits. Which does about 10 damage. 1 of the anarchists falls down being hit twice in the chest. At this point the female anarchist captain says without any buyers and now that the family is going to be in prison they're going to leave to take care of his wound

Though out of frustration she cats a rain of fire down onto both boats. Anael & Freya being in the water dive down to miss it. The remaining 6 sailors barely survive with 1hp each

Freya responds back with a fire bolt. Hops with Chaos bolt, these hits & exposed the magical wands. Anael focuses the energy from her cape getting another nat 20 with a wall of fire, She catches the entire boat on fire and it explodes. Completely vaporizing everyone there on the boat (I'm sure that'll have consequences), shrapnel goes flying everywhere and kills the remaining RHC sailors (This is now the fourth module we've ended up getting all our allies killed in an epic battle, at this point they're basically the red shirts from Star Trek)

Freya rolls a nat 1, takes 14 damage, and is rendered unconscious by the chaos table roll. We end the session there. I don't think two concussions are going to be good for her

So basically we managed to piss off the anarchist (which we might have killed Gale outright), the family leadership is now in the custody of the RHC, & the fedora mafia is mad because they don't have wands to get from us. So basically we managed to piss off three factions

Which I think is a great way to end until we pick up again next session at Cauldron Hill after the holidays and New Years is over. In fact our DM thought it was such a great moment that he awards us inspiration and a level up early, as a little treat.

Which so ends another year of doing D&D, here's to a lifetime of D&D, And of course to the Zeitgeist community and creators I hope you have a merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Thank you for reading this!


DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
DM has a couple thoughts & proposed changes to the 2nd module as written, mostly we're going to be cutting out the fat from future models, partially because time constraints. Here are some thoughts

* Too many leads that get to the same information. They get why it's done so you always get your information, but it results in a lot of repeated efforts and takes LOTS of time. Especially considering how we do things

* Cut out the reformatory, Waryeyes,
especially the thinking man tavern, & make the doctor thread a deadend but the fedora mafia shows up

* DM admitted that they artificially extended the module by not giving up Nilasa's body

* Keep the boyfriend, change his clue to the Alkahest factory

* The combat session on the way to the Skyseer should be cut entirely, as it doesn't serve the narrative weight and distracts too much

After 6.5 sessions (20+ hours or 1/6th our normal campaign length) without any combat, some of the players have been a bit starved for it and one has even considering quitting after not really being as involved (hopefully not, especially considering next session is combat). Which is why we really enjoyed the conclusion of this session, but after talking to the DM how they would re-do the module tso far, this is his thoughts (see pic)

Also it wasn't the anarchist we killed. After we revealed that we know about the wand transfer, they pulled out and gave agents of Crisillyir access. So thankfully we didn't kill Gale & all the anarchist, instead we probably just pissed off an entire nation. Oh!


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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Campaign time: 6 hours, 13 mins, 30 seconds (we postponed until New years)

Happy New Year. Today's episode brought to you by special brownies, Elijah Craig, and Captain Morgan Private Reserve

The head of the family, Morgan Cippiano seeing the events that transpired invites the party to lunch at the Family owned bar "The Applecore" as to go over the peaceful transfer of prisoners and more importantly they'd get us the doctor in the exchange

Hops & Anael decide to accept the invitation first, while the other three go searching for any wands throughout the carnage. The family serves a bunch of roasted duck to the two RHC members as they discuss the prisoner exchanges between the family, the RHC, and the fedora mafia and other events happening in Danor involving the factory attacks. We would get access to the doctor, but they get insider information as well from Poly the bartender

Kelik & Freya go searching through the wreckage for all the wands. They know that the orders are for 200 Crisillyir wands, which they manage to recover 160 of them, of which 4 appear to still be of working order.

Naturally they test out these wands. The first casts a bolt of light that burns the sand into shards, the second shoots a black bolt that seems to drain the energies around it, the next one creates a thin sheet of flame that shoots forward, and the final one creates a large amount of grease. Freya decides to keep the grease wand, having 7 charges daily it could come in handy

They also investigate the corpses among the wreckage, while Isabelle goes looking around the Doct workers quarters on rumors of Gale's possible death. Although she quickly summarizes that it was not Gale who died in the explosion

We apparently have phones because Stover, while very intoxicated, invites us up to headquarters for an update. The thing that is getting the RHC worked up is that included in the shipment was a wand that could use wish and that it is very distinguishable, likely a very monkey paw version of wish, But its potential danger cannot be overstated. Especially considering that it matches none of the descriptions of any ones we saw or recovered

We go back to the Applecore as a group but we also spread the rumour about it being an extremely pro-police friendly bar around town, as to upset the Family's traffic flow. They're not too upset because we're going to be getting them an insider into the fedora mafia, which has been intense competition

Freya spots a canary outside the window and follows it before getting a new letter slipped into her pocket by a mysterious figure, which reads are offer still stands, and has a picture of a smiley face with it's tongue out saying "Love Gale" The person slips into the crowd as as Kelik gives got pursuit and shoots off her mask

Kelik managed to chase after her a pretty decent amount, glancing her face, becoming the fire person outside trusted anarchist circles to do so. Still she does her usual disappearing tricks and slips outside Kelik's fingers. Kelik bitter about this decides to invite everyone back to meet up with his husband Sebastian

Sebastian is a minotaur who works at the Ber embassy in Flint as a coordinator. He is very excited about having dinner guest to try out his new stuffed cabbage. Freya & Hops have lengthy discussion about if rural or city areas are better, Hops supporting the rural area to Freya's fascination with cities

The doctor reveals he was doing research in Ber and it lead him to several conclusions about recent attacks on factories in Danor. That Roger Porter is involved & took several important documents before leaving the country to an unknown location, Crisillyir is involved & actively against Danor, and they both smells of witch oil

The witch oil has a connection to the bleak gate and can be found in quantity on cauldron Hill. Which is somewhere we're going to have to be soon because of Skyseer Nevard request

The doctor, from the malice lands, wants to escape down to Ber. He argues that the RHC will mistreat him considering all the stolen documents he's sold, that Danor will kill him, and Crisillyir will kill him faster. Kelik is not willing to let his homeland be in any type of danger willingly and says that imprisonment is your best bet then. The doctor sighs, casts some sort of spell, and in a puff of smoke disappears. Kelik was very upset to experience this twice in one day

The next night we meet up to begin our escort of Skyseer Nevard to the highest point in Flint, Caldron Hill. Nevard asks for the strongest warrior, Anael, to be bound to him as that if Nevard is attacked the damage is dealt to Anael first. We noticed that the effects definitely worked as Nevard has the agility and movement of Anael, Although lacking her raw combat prowess.

Nevard and his orc shaman assistant explain to us that Caldron Hill is overwhelming with psychoactive horrors that'll break even the most hardened mines with the intensity of the darkness that even Darkvision is barely functional. Nevard gives each of us an amulet that is meant to help with that, the only other option is to light a fire But that'll attract all the creatures that go bump in the night

He also gives us goats blood, which many of the terrifying creatures of the bleak gate will follow around aimlessly. He also gives us ear plugs and instructs us to begin singing as to drown out the voices that I'll echo and disturb us greatly (lovecraftian af)

We see one terrifying creature leading a bunch in the distance. It's a giant of two faces on all fours ripping into another animal of similar but more disturbing stature. The horrors morph beyond our understanding and Kelik mind begins to break from this, gaining a level of exhaustion. He would later gain another level of exhaustion as the screams echo through his head, The headphones doing barely anything.

Thankfully though we barely encountered any creatures during our journey. Skyseer Nevard saying that he was generally surprised by the relaxing nature of the journey, relatively speaking of the visit, as he gets upon a rock at the highest point and stares off into the now clear sky. Only area in all of Flint to really do this. Nevard begins to have visions and we make sure the area is relatively safe with a figure 8 of goats blood

Freya also sees something but the intensity of it and not being a gifted Skyseer means that she falls unconscious foaming at the mouth and blood coming from every facial part including the eyes, mouth and ears. In her state she sees the destruction of the industrial acid shop, its sign set ablaze by two wall tongues of fire dancing, and the workers including the owner who is Navard's son, being trapped by doors and engulfed by the flames.

20 monsters by the figure 8. One is more of a person in movement than a monster. Has no face and almost skin. He cast forward this way of light and it allows some of the monsters to creep through the goat's blood. The light is so intense that both Kelik wnd Isabelle are instantly and temporarily blinded. Freya wakes up to see

A grim reaper, a flying lion with features like the mythological Medusa but rotting maggots are everywhere, and a giant undead spider with far too many legs and eyes. The spider is the first to attack, spinning Kelik into a web and poisoning him with neurotoxic venom. The lion goes to finish him off, but Isabelle saves him with a knife ice critical ripping through the lion's body sending shards of ice throughout the are

Freya takes control of the Grim reaper with her family gift of being spirit medium and commands he slices right through the one man. The man dodges but the rod is cut in twice

Kelik getting out of the web, pulls out his shotgun with Hunter's Mark activated and point blank ranges blast a good chunk of spider flesh away. The spider is still agile. Anael charges spider with her longsword, cutting off another leg. It has 12 eyes and he goes to attack but Anael uses extra attack and cuts into it's flesh more. Freya though commands the grim reaper to finish off the spider

Nevard vision is completed. Says he had many visions and must leave to make a public proclamation the 1st of its kind in over a century by the skyseers, Kelik is happy to leave, saying that he isn't a religious man and doesn't believe in that type of stuff but if hell is real, it's the creatures of the bleak gate.

We actually find at the bottom of the hill a bunch of RHC spec ops from the Risur capital wondering about the situation around the hill (The light was seen for miles) But we explain the situation away, a lot of us unwilling to trust them, and wanting to keep operations to a minimum need to know basis. We head off to the alchemist factory to stop a fire

Seeing people doing maintenance and construction. No uncontrollably fire is there. We asked the guards, who are sleeping on the job, who these workers are and their credentials. We find out they're the El Barato Factory & Repair group, they're both Tieflings.

We mandate that they have a 30 mins workers break in the morning, everyone needs a good graphics (breakfast 🥞 lol, you can tell my mental state when writing this). Kelik asks names, as he looks into the carts they have, one of the Tieflings sets fire to the cart and they run off as Kelik and hops chase after them. The rest go to put out the fire

One uses a sphere of fire causing our two heros to make a dex save to avoid it and a gust of fire whips around it. They do very well avoiding it but gets more areas on fire. The fire spreads to the sign, creating the vision that Freya and the Skyseer saw

Kelik shoots his shotgun at one and scratches it clawsm Hops uses chaos bolt

Tiefling jumped to the roof. Kelik does not know who these people are lol. They're actually not Tiefling but dragon born disguised, who we would later find out the great arsonist of Ber. This raises many questions

One of them casts a wall of fire at the Duo while the other younger brother escapes. Hops absorbs the fire and channels it back to hit the dragonborn directly. Kelik at least learning something from his experience on Caldron Hill casts dissonance whispers and brings the dragonborn down unconscious falling from the rooftops (They will be later interrogated)

The fire is put out. We find out that said "Tieflings" have been trying to get industrial grade solvents from the area and were possibly engaged in terrorist activity beyond just the normal arson. This enrage Kelik as he should've been more aware of them, Although our priority is going to be the announcement of Nevard vision and any possible terrorist attacks on him

There are also many people assuming that he's going to give a startling rebuttal of the new ways and call for a return to traditionalism.

We also give the RHC a report. Thus ends an amazing session and see y'all next week

Have a great and wonderful day and a happy 2023.
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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Sorry for all the spelling & grammatical errors, might fix later, was a bit celebratory night last night and wanted to post it before details escaped me
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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Here is another commission, this time of Isabelle. Commission done by Bunnytush. Check out her artwork on Instagram


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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Campaign play time: 3 hours, 5 mins, and 0 seconds

All the factory workers and Dockers are getting the day off in preparation to hear the Skyseer's proclamation, The first of its kind in over a century. Many people are calling this to return to traditionalism

Isabelle informs the RHC & Stover about how the doctor escaped, but that we managed to secure some of his critical documents, and even better we stopped and captured one of the arsonists of Ber. The expedition process would begin immediately, and it's going to improve relationships with Ber. Kelik will be getting recognition and something special from his homeland.

Stover is unaware of the properties of which oil, or how they came to be in such abundance.

Hops wants to travel and communicate with the skyseer, while Kelik wants answers about the earthquakes. Hops would get the answer from a surprising source, coming face to face with Gale who is actually talking to the Skyseer Nevard and wants him to make his proclamation

Gale produces a small yellow book and hands it to Hops. Inside is a copy of a ritual that can detect various planar bindings and energy. Can even find the bleak gate and dreaming. Hops later gives the book to Freya as she is more versed in ritual magic

Gale is looking for the doctor as well.
Gale is also incredibly nervous about the faceless man on Caldron Hill and wants us to protect the skyseer during his proclamation and is willing to give us anything in exchange

Anael and Freya trance together to recuperate from the previous fight before the two decide to go shopping

Kelik wants someone to enchant his weapons and bags of holding, so we buy Kelik an oathbow. Freya picks out a sweet Cloak of protection, after realizing the immovable rod she wanted is a bit too pricey at 3,000GP (XP To Lv 3 taught me not to underestimate it)

Anael also unexpectedly caught feelings for the shopkeeper.

The proclamation pre-ceremony begins. Anael and Hops stay by that be one tree, after teasing Freya about it, as Freya intermingles in the crowd, Kelik prowls the rooftops, and Isabelle stands directly guard to Skyseer Nevard.

After a few minutes Anael begins detecting something is a foot. Which combined with Freya's planar spell help them discover every street is being markes with which oil and it tracks directly to a warehouse, which strangely enough echoes with loud feline sounds

We alert them about this and suggest we postpone the ceremony. Maybe move the location, but they insist on having it and we go investigate the warehouse

Inside we see only a bunch of crates, each crate is full of machine parts and witch oil. Freya takes out her trusty acid and destroys the equipment, but this also inadvertently spills the witch oil inside

Kelik breaks into the basement but trips the alarm system, causing a fire failsafe to activate. Inside are four scientists who
have activated a a machine like golem creature as defense as they use a bleak gate teleport

Freya uses pulse wave to stop them from entering the gate, crushing them with the force of gravity, and pulling them closer. This causes the witch oil to detect the souls and sucks them in horrific passion, therefore activating the witch oils very explosive properties. Which combined with the fire spreading means it's very dangerous in there and she suggest everyone runs.

Anael manages to grab a few things and leave. One such document talks about sedating jaguars, removing the blood heart and skin, and turning them into killer cats with metallic skulls. Even more weirdly the documentation is signed off by the mayor

Even still with this explosion, the proclamation begins and only 10% of the crowd disperse. Shortly after, 9 Skeleton people in white robes and hoods begin heading to Navard. Doot Doot

They raise metal rings and purple poisonous smoke smoke comes out. Witch oil spills to the ground, and 5 of those jaguars are unleashed onto the crowd. It seems the goal is an epic sacrifice explosion

Freya recognizes one of these Skeletons to be the same person that attacked them on Caldron Hill and has Gale so nervous

And the fight to protect the Skyseer will begin next session.


DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Campaign play time - 3 hours, 28 mins, and 45 seconds

Purple smoke has enveloped the stage as the Skeletons and Jaguars approach the Skyseer. Hops ask Skyseer Nevard if this is the best place for the proclamation.

Nevard tells Hops the stars told him this is the place fore the proclamation and so everyone shall hear the truth, no one can stop this coming

Kelik hunters mark the jaguar closest to the stage. Hits it with bow and rushes forward to defend Nevard while Hops casts wall of stone from the golden icon he got at axis Islands

Anael attacks one of the jaguars for 13 damage removing its breast plate and activates a divine smite following that up with a one hand extra attack backswing that hits the cat where it's armour used to be

Freya uses gravity whip as to not kill a lot of people around her, managing to pull one away

Kelik gets absolutely mauled by jaguars, having been pounced on and his neck largely bitten out. Even with silvery barbs. Hops also gets knocked over prone by a jaguar, asking Nevard if this is really the best place to make the proclamation, again he insists

Hops reaches into his bag, rolls over to Kelik one of the healing potions. Now having his hands free, Hops begins removing the armour of the jaguar on top of him

Anael compels dules the jaguar on top of Kelik. She hits it with a divine smite and its skull explodes

Kelik now up shots his bow with colossal slayer taking out one jaguars shoulders before misting stepping away

Freya seeing this opportunity uses pulse wave on that side, killing all the skeletons and the remaining jaguar on that side

Hops gets stabbed by one of the skeletons. Kelik revives him for 11 health. Kelik uses his bow to shoot an arrow directly into the heart of the exposed jaguar

Hops uses his bloodied action against the damaged jaguar and drop heel kicks it into the head. Anael seeing that no deaths have happened, squares herself between two cats casting flames from her cloak. She takes her sword to the healthiest cat using smite

Freya hits another jaguar for another 6 hp with gravity whip

Triple nat 1 one of the skeletons trips and they all trip over each other and crush the almost dead jaguar to death. They also die

A jaguar bites Anael but is unable to bring her prone. Kelik uses his rapier to stab at the cat during this struggle and even swaps at him with his claws

Hops casts sacred flame (a radiant flame so not burning but holy) on one the jaguars and with his last spell slots cast healing word on himself

At this point the remaining Jaguar basically wanted to die and Anael says she'll put the cat out of it's misery and stabs it

The Skyseer speech begins

Dark figure Caldron Hill, cast shadow northwest into the sea, his ultimate goal is elsewhere within the shadow, he was controlled by others. He was made mighty by industry, many drowned and devoured, 3 birds of iron, steel, and most importantly stars . We will be deceived many times. Flint is not safe at all. If you are within this shadow, you must leave. No matter what they say, it'll never be safe

The crowd starts screaming that it's the mayor. Anael tries convincing them to calm down using her fire cloak to make a show

Inspector Stover delft finds out. First time he's been outside of his office

Stover "congratulations on starting a riot, but you calmed it down. In some ways this is great time and in some ways terrible"

It is revealed that this was all made and controlled by one man. Yes, it was the major the whole time

Danor was investigating him too, but everyone in charge of that has disappeared or been murdered.

We got a small window to take him down, about an hour. Stover insist that we need to capture the mayor alive

Kelik is very suspect of Danor to Delft

Weareye is back in business and sends us a care package. We got 9 potions of superior healing. Kelik also gets a vendetta bullet from the anarchist and instructed to take him out instead of capturing alive

Isabelle called it the mayor is a dick

The mayor is in a monologue when we get there. Immediately gets hunters mark by Kelik

We eels the ground shaking. There was an earthquake happening directly there. A deafening crack and a house breaks in half. We watch as Wretched Witch oil comes out and the flower nearby begin to die. At the same time the fedora mafia fucks arrive

Hops casts chaos bolt second level. Dealing 27 psychic damage and it hops to someone else doing 21 lightning damage

Hops still takes some stab wounds from the fedora mafia member. While Kelik rapiers attack the more injured fedora mafia member and claws at them

Sinkhole are coming up and that black witch oil comes bubbling up with it

The mayor's butler opens up a trap door saying we need to do something to avoid an industrial disaster that'll destroy that section of town, which is actually the poorest section of Flint. Hops says he is going to go warn the townspeople about the impending disaster

The mayor walks into a ring with purple smoke and disappears. We go to follow but only Anael gets there at first

She finds herself into a laboratory. Chasing the major who runs by 3 jaguars feasting on a scientist

Isabelle, Kelik, and Freya manage to get into there ourselves.

Freya immediately gets distracted and begins studying the room with all the scientific diagrams.

Mayor misses the first eldritch blast on Anael. The second is a natural 20, pushing her back into the room towards the jaguars eating flesh. He locks the door behind him with some sort of magical effect

Isabelle runs through the jaguars in her chase of the major, but the door is locked. Her sword erupts in flames and is covered with a necrotic undead energy

Knocked over, the jaguars begin completely devouring Anael. Isabelle barely revives her, but misses with her flaming sword

Kelik wrestles with one and rips out it's black heart

Freya isn't paying attention because notes and casts magnify gravity hitting everyone, killing one jaguar and knocking out Anael again

Both jaguars miss on the attack back to back against Kelik and Freya

Isabelle gets a natural 20 and does 35 damage on one jaguar. Kelik blasts the door with a shotgun blast, which does nothing

Freya rolls a nat 1 for gravity whip still distracted with her studies which misses and hits Kelik out the door. Freya dies manage to use silvery barbs to save Isabelle from a jaguar attack, who later kills it with her sword

Anael, now revived, rips a jaguar in half with her sword.

What freya finds - it's a witch oil place that is collected because it's a rift with the bleak gate, shipped to various factories, located next to worker's dock, a diagram of a giant robot with clear indicators, moving items into the bleak gate

Kelik grapplers the mayor however the
Mayor turns into a puff of mist and misty steps away saying I can't let you leave here alive now


DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Campaign time: 2 hours, 58 mins, 0 seconds

We're done with module 2 and eager to begin module 3. Module 1 was 5 sessions at 15 hours, 22 mins, & 35 seconds

Module 2 was 12 sessions at 35 hours, 57 mins, & 27 seconds

Zeitgeist Campaign Plan v2 (this is our DM plans for whenever he runs the module again, estimating he can get it down to 7-8 sessions)

Anyways here is today's session

We start with Hops who sees a police picket line and officers trying to escort the local population who are screaming "The Skyseer visions are true, calamity is upon us, kill the mayor Reed"

Hops is warning them to get going. He uses predestination to write on Ansel's horse to evocate. Hops looks around seeing sinkholes popping up everywhere, witch oil coming out, and the smell of engine grease. At this moment several gardeners come down.
One gardener has a very strong witch oil smell

"Roger you're not from here are you, you smell, i can tell you visited the bleak gate"

He sighs, takes out a giant black claw and rips a lung out of the horse

"My name isn't Roger, it's Creed, I'm the butler to the mayor and keeper of secrets. Half his face begins to peel off as he smiles"

Hops makes the decision to spend one ki point for step of the wind, dash, and runs away from him cursing under his breath chaos bolt as an action

It lands with 18 force damage. black shadows begin to cover it up as Creed morphs into the ground (we discuss if this is like a Mortal Kombat or supernatural reference)

Hops casts invisibility on himself to make his way back to the mansion and the party

"I'm afraid that's not how it works, sunny" - Creed can see invisibility. The same black claw comes down

He lands twice with one being a nat 20
Hops resists the blindness from the attack but takes 35 damage, who is somehow still up with barely any health points remaining

Hops notices multiple collapsed gardeners all bleeding from different random areas of the body. Some of them the legs, the back, the stomach but they're all deceased

We cut back to the other 4

Anael feels her horse get killed and gains an inspiration. Although it's a celestial horse so it'll come back eventually

Anael uses hold person after teleporting in front of him and he rolls a nat 20 resisting it

Isabelle uses wild shape to transforms into a crocodile, clamping on the leg of the mayor, he manages to get out but the crocodile does 6 damage to him supposedly as She gets the taste of not blood or oil but milk in her mouth

She has to make a wisdom save and rolls a 6. Wondering to themselves what just happened, they don't see in front of them the major, but a pure white crocodile coming at her full force

Turns back to hops, Who now knows the witch oil is prime and ready with the soul

Creed appears again on the hill, smiling as a police cap goes on his head.

Hops uses the icon given to him by Gael and Hops goes flying. Creed is shocked "another one, wait, another one" and at this point hops is 140 feet away

"Sleep with one open hare"
"I always do"

Going back underground

Kelik chambers the vendetta bullet and shoots. Rolls a dirty 20 which is technically a critical hit as a burst of red energy hits him straight in the back. The name written on the shotgun burns out and this time he bleeds red. This causes 27 damage

Anael laughs at this as Freya casts a mirror image after fey stepping closer.

"As a member of the arts, you should understand this is important, it's for the protection of the country against the unseen court" casting suggestions on Freya

Freya barely beats it. Freya has no patriotism and doesn't care what happens as long as her academic pursuits are unimpeded

"Oh my god how bad is the RHC,I can get you funding if you want" - Mayor Reed

Anael, seeing the distraction, plunges his sword deep within him with a thunderous smite.

From his wound comes out another outburst of milk. A certain sweet smell comes out, Anael remember this only yesterday, smelled it near the Skyseer during the ritual to transfer damage

Isabelle is still in an alternate universe fighting the albino crocodile, but manages to fight out of the delusion
She goes to bite the mayor, getting a 17 which hits, getting 9 damage and is forced to make a wisdom save getting another 17 & spitting it out. The mayor is able to break out of the grapple again effortlessly

"If this is truly in the interest of the state, surrender and you can tell us what is going on" - Kelik

"I'm not opposed to the deal if you can guarantee your silence...Are you familiar with geas?" (which begins a discussion about code geass)

Anael refuses this offer wanting and being consumed by vengeance now

Kelik goes to tackle him. Kelik gets a natural 20 and locks him down with special gantlets.

The frequent earthquakes around the lab begin to calm down.

"You don't know what you're doing, if you reveal this the fey titans will invade flint"

Everyone is literally just like "cool" as we start beating him up like it's part 5 of JoJo

Anael puts him over his shoulder pissed about her horse saying I'm leaving to find hops and takes a drink from her flask

We come out of the mansion with the butler asking why the mayor is gagged up like that. Anael intimates him into seeing this is none of his business

"Find if you want to endanger our country like that, you are going against the wrong person and people " and he shadows away leaving a lung behind

Kelik pulls off the gag asking who the hell is that. They debate and he gags him back up. Freya and Kelik discuss some of notes she found

If the witch oil was to explode it would blow up that section of town. Anael drags him to find hops

Some of the people there who remain ask what is going on and cheering we got the mayor. They start to speculate a coup is going on throughout the city

Hops meanwhile keep dashing around the area on the run. If he sees any fires he stomps them out..After a few mins we meet up with hops who warns out about how bad that butler was

Anael begins heading up the hill.
Hops ask Anael where she's going "revenge"

I think she's going to blow the hill - Kelik
Anael lights her match saying yes

Hops is pissed about this. Kelik too. Convincing her not to do it

We take the mayor to the hotel, as
Word has gotten out about the mayor being captured, police try to stop us, but we pull out the RHC badge

Hops warns the police to get everyone off the hill and Cut to Anael heading up the mountain. Who comes face to face with the butler

"My master been taken so I have nothing to do, I'm a patriot to the country"

"You think I am not"


"One day soon you'll be confronted for your ties and your kind. I could take you out rn but I rather not"

Anael doesn't care, saying she'll defeat him, and he smiles turning into two face

Anael pulls out her sword and shield ready for the confrontation, when the shadow figure asks

"Why are you working for the RHC, what are you looking for?"
"In this organization? You've chosen wrong"
"I look for freedom through changing this countries oppression and thus saving my people"

He takes out his glove and a giant shadow claw appears. I don't see the point in debating this, don't worry I won't kill you after I easily win, I've got more honour than that

Anael is now in a 1v1 and tosses off her helmet respecting the honour of the duel

He takes the first turn without hesitation as shadow arms appear trying to restrain her. Anael manages to get out

"There goes the easy way" and he melts into a shadow disappearing

Anael uses a perception check with her amulet to see if she can find him. She senses him and swings with all she got with the sword landing it into him

He is surprised to have been hit as the radiant damage comes straight out of the sword. He suddenly becomes visible again before saying "not bad"

Anael goes with another attack landing it flesh on with 11 damage dealt. He responds with "not bad at all, but it's over now"

Anael gets hit twice by his claw attack having to make two wisdom saves. she is fine from the blindness effects, but takes 31 damage who gets dropped to exactly 0

Back to the rest of the party who are worried about the increasing delay of Anael return. Kelik says he can check up on Anael

Hops says he'll request Delft directly as he trusts Stover, while Kelik says he doesn't actually trust Delft at all. Hops suggested we take the mayor to RHC HQ but begin questioning him before informing Stover

Isabelle goes to Anael. Freya goes with Hops. Isabelle is still a crocodile, while Freya informs Hops about everything and hops requests that she gets mayor ready to be disguised

A police officer drops Anael's unconscious body in front of the two, smiles, and disappears into a shadow. Kelik ties Anael up to the crocodile and begins heading back

We take the mayor to the RHC room. Meeting for the first time in person inspector head of the RHC. Lady chief Inspectress Margaret Saxby, basically our bosses bosses boss, maybe one or two above that.

"We need to put this man into a private room until my manager comes in and I am to talk to no one" - Hops

Margaret says that he can take the mayor, who is her personal friend, to an interrogation room and that she'll find Delft to ask questions about why the RHC in Flint is so bad and that She is actually here to take an audit of this branch of the RHC. Especially since we're the division that lost the Coaltongue

Freya notices that she calls the mayor her friend. We remove his mouth gag. Freya behind asking questions

She finds out the Fey and the dreaming haven't been happy with Flint and he has it on good word that the dreaming will begins attacking flint with Fey titans, & we need to make a giant robot to stop them

Do you have approval of other officials? which he informs that yes many take the threat of Fey Titans very seriously

Hops says they're myths and good bedtime stories for children. Which pisses off the mayor and he refuses to say more

We wait for Stover to arrive as the rest of the party arrives. Finally Kelik healing Anael who is still on the crocodile back (Yes Margaret meets a crocodile)

Kelik ask "did you finally get your vengeance?"


Mayor reveals he is connected to the gardeners and that every time we attacked him, we ended up one of the gardeners. That he got orders from the government and suggests a trial to calm down the people

Margaret walks in with inspector delft who says mayor Reed is being released and a Trial to be held tomorrow. He is to tried under environment hazards, reckless endangerment of the population, and bribery

Stover says "you know as much as I do we haven't had an earthquake in over a century" she quickly shoots that down

Anael asks Margaret if she knows about his second form. Poking the mayor showing milk coming out

"Talk to your boss about that I got a public to address rn"

We lock Mayor Reed up and begin talking to Stover about everything and that we're getting paid 2,500 GP

Stover says he thinks we did a great job actually as he tells us Margaret wants everyone off the case

Freya doesn't trust her, but Stover is like she is the boss

Kelik immediately leaves with his gold and goes to check on the boat price and to buy himself a boat.

Anael goes to interrogate the arsonist before being shipped off to Ber. Who reveals his boss is a shadow man

Kelik writes to his handler and ber contacts

The next day we see a very upset Margaret and Stover saying we got very bad news the mayor committed suicide. Apparently asks for a cig, talked to himself weirdly, and smashed his own head in. They tried to revive him but his soul moved on too fast

We debate if possibly the mayor is without a soul and possessed by someone. Margaret says "The involvement you have with the case is declared over and we'll be taking no other questions"

End of module 2

The party looks for items to buy in the months of downtime. Isabelle finds a scimitar of speed for 3,000GP & Freya has her sights set on an Arcane Grimoire for 14,000GP (so she'll be saving up for a bit)

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