ZEITGEIST Cultsbane's bizarre D&D adventure: Zeitgeist - 5Eish


DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Bought our DM the 3rd module (all 3 parts) since we're all enjoying it enough to continue (no idea how close we are to finished with part 2, my meta knowledge as the former DM ended last night)

Campaign time: 3 hours, 24 mins, & 23 seconds

The party goes off to an secluded area to have some much needed discussion about the mission & our general loyalties & goals.

We're all in agreement that we are (not) in support of the RHC & we all don't have agendas that are far outside helping Risur. Infact we all definitely love the technological advancements and progress of Risur more than the antiquated ancient Feywild/Dreaming ways and want Risur to be prosperous (we say in a smoke filled room, cut with dry sarcastic undertones)

Hops says maybe we should consider possibly using the wand shipment as bribery and looking the other way for a quick buck, but we dismiss that idea. Not out of any ethical reasons but because we already screwed ourselves by informing the RHC

Anael is still absolutely shocked that no one commented on her celestial type transformation, besides Freya who just tries poking her

Eventually we decide on traveling towards the Skyseers for some more information. On our way there we decide we should buy a bag of holding or two, which because of inflation is now 4,000 gold pieces, though with negotiations we get it down to 2000 gold pieces. Going through other shop's potions we find that they're related to Waryeyes apothecary & decide to take a visit there in the morning as an active RHC investigation

* We all joke and make fun of the fact that this was probably one of the greatest railroadings we've ever seen because of the natural fit

The visit begins decently enough with us meeting a gnome shop owner & buying a bit of items. Including healing lollipops, potions of superior healing, potions of gaseous form, potions of glibness, and this specialized paint. This paint has the property of being heat resistant, insulating, and can reform into different shapes.

Things do begin to deteriorate when we go and visit her husband the house elf, who is also a gnome. While watching his show where he pulls honey badgers out of a hat, Kelik snuck around his office, found a trap & accidentally set it off. Setting fire to a good portion of his building.

This causes, understandably, the Waryeyes to get absolutely unbelievably angry and refuse any negotiations until we get in writing that the RHC specifically are going to pay in full for the damages. Anael tries convincing her not to get the government involvement and she'll get the church to help, but it isn't enough to persuade them otherwise

The husband leaves to go inform the police of our "crime", as Freya goes to catch up to him, she suggests to Kelik that we remind them that they are currently under active investigation by the RHC and will be detained if they don't cooperate, especially after that assault on an officer. Kelik is hesitant to use that much authoritative muscle that easily, especially with the already fragile representation the RHC has in this section of town. Could spark off an incident

Freya catches up to the husband, slows him down with gravity magic, takes the camera showcasing the property damage evidence as evidence to the RHC investigation and makes a nat 20 deceptive play that she knows someone in the insurance company that'll help pay off the damages even though they don't have good insurance (when eventually caught on the lie, Freya just goes "yeah I'm with the government, we lie")

The lady gnome wants zero rational dialogue or exchanges until she gets fully in writing that the damages will be paid by the RHC and the house sections are rebuilt beforehand. Kelik says this enough and informs her of her involvement in Mallisa death at the Danor embassy.

As this is going on her husband makes a weird gesture to his head, Freya informs the party of this, and they agree to push the issue further as this is a sign of telepathic communication between the two.

They're both put into RHC custody and reveal to us that there is going to be an powerful magical wand shipment soon overseen by the 4 factions we've been dealing with (The Family, The Fedora Mafia, The Anarchist under Gael, and The Smugglers) and that Gael herself should be seeing the transaction take place personally. The Waryeyes give us some additional information to set up a meeting with Gael another way if needed

Anael feels horrible for doing injustice, especially after she is called an RHC lapdog, & volunteers to stand guard and run the Apotheke while they're in custody. So no idea if she'll be joining us or how that'll play out, but I'm excited

Though we agree before going to that meeting that we're going to go visit the Skyseers. Excited to find out what comes next weekend, what the Skyseers say, & if we'll accidentally trigger a giant war in the city

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day

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DM to Player, Freya Starfeon
Got my character Freya commissioned (oh yeah check out the artists work on Instagram at Burrito McGee or on Reddit under u/Vikunga)


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