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D&D 5E Curse of Strahd Story 2

If you want to read these story’s in order I recommend to wait for part 1 to be up.

We went to the winery going down to the cellar. There was someone that ran across the room to try and hide. My first reaction was to cast Eldritch Blast. Nat 20. So we have a houserule for Eldritch Blast being you have to flavor it to your patron. Mine would create earth spikes from the ground and stab at my target. I stabbed this 8 year old girl in the legs with them. I had the spikes sink into the floor and the Celestial Warlock and Druid both cast Cure Wounds to heal the legs. So we asked the girl what she was doing here. We fought bandits earlier when we were going over to the winery. Here’s the problem. Those bandits were her father and her uncles. She now has no family. The horrible thing is the terms of my pact. I have to bury those I kill and they leave and go to my patrons domain. These bandits would kill those that would come near them. So they were being torn to shreds by wolves in my patrons domain. I ended up getting there souls free with a bit persuasion. Now we have a 8 year old girl with us. She likes the Druid and Warlock, is on good terms with are monk, loves the Werebear Wizard since in the werebear form he’s just a giant teddy bear. She is afraid of my character since they talk to a bag of sand, wears a strange mask and is constantly mumbling and making symbols with his hands. He’s insane and afraid of what moves in the shadows. I forgot he also is a tiefling with a horn missing a tip. God the good DMs make you think about the fact that you are killing people, not nobodies. The players have different options in what to do with her. The warlock wants to teach her magic, the druid wants to get her adopted and so on. We left her with the Wizard and the Monk. They were not playing at the time since one was busy with something and the other plays when he’s bored. We explored the cellar again finding brown mold. I put some in a flask but it ended up exploding since the water in it made it grow since it was starved of heat in the cellar. I ended up filling a barrel we have with water and brown mold, casting shape water to cool the water by freezing pieces of it. We ended up going into a room with 22 twig blights in it. The fighter said hello so they all attacked him swarming him. The Druid cast Thunderwave killing all the twig blights, and almost launching the fighter out the window. The fighter was ok with losing half his health by this. We fought a Druid and gave his staff to are Druid since she would succeed on the wisdom saving throw more then everyone else. That’s how the session ended.

If this seems familiar it’s because I made this account to keep track of are sessions and this was from a different account.

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