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Mind Mage
The spell costs derive from feats that have excellent spells of the level, such as Misty Step and Invisibility. But lets get a sense of the cost of these spells first, before worrying about less excellent spells that might be cheaper.

Spell by Slot
7½ points - Slot 2 spell, know and cast it per proficiency bonus per long rest
5 points - Slot 2 spell, know and cast it per short or long rest
2½ points - Slot 2 spell, know and cast it per long rest

4½ points - Slot 1 spell, know and cast it per proficiency bonus per long rest
3 points - Slot 1 spell, know and cast it per short or long rest
1½ points - Slot 1 spell, know and cast it per long rest

Spell Special
4 points - Elf Chain (Mage Armor, at will, reaction, as invisible or choice of armor and clothing)
4 points - Improved Minor Illusion (same casting for both image and sound, 5 cube or Medium)
3½ points - Telekinetic Hand (Mage Hand, range 30, invisible hand, without spell components)
2 points - Telekinetic Shove (Push-Pull 5, bonus, range 30, Str save v DC 8+proficiency+ability)

Magic Initiate
8 points - Magic Initiate (at feat, choose spellcasting class; gain two cantrips from it; know two slot-1 spells from it, and cast each per long rest, using the spellcasting ability of the class)
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Mind Mage
I am rummaging thru the components of feats in the Players Handbook.

4 points - Initiative +5
1 points - Unsurprisable (while Conscious)
2 points - Unseen targets lack attack advantage

1½ points - Quick Up (when prone, standing costs only 5 of move)
1 point - Quick Climb (climbing costs no move)
½ point - Quick Jump (running jump from only 5 of move, not 10)

2 points - Impersonator (advantage on Performance, Deception, Disguise, to pass as an other)
1 point - Mimic (imitate speakers and sounds, after 1 minute study, Deception v Insight)


Mind Mage
8 points - Charge (add a melee weapon attack, +5 damage, or Push 10, at end of dash of 10 or more)

Crossbow Expert
8 points - XbowX (free load, melee shot without disadvantage, mainhand weapon attack grants bonus shot with offhand)

Defensive Duelist / Dual Wielder
3 points - Ambidextrous (if two melee weapons then +1 AC, can be non-light, draw or stow both)
5 points - Block (if melee attacked then reaction uses your finesse weapon for your AC +proficiency)

Observant / Dungeon Delver
5 points - Passive Perception and Investigation +5
3 point - Trap Evasion (save advantage against traps, damage resistance against traps, search for trap at normal speed)


Mind Mage
Tough / Durable
6 points - Tough (total hit points add level x2)
4 points - Durable (when roll each Hit Die, add proficiency)


Mind Mage
Elemental Adept
5 points - Element Adept (at feat, choose acid, fire, radiant, lightning, thunder, or cold: it can replace these damage types of spells and other magical effects, ignore resistance, 1 on damage die becomes 2)
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Mind Mage
Grappler / Tavern Brawler
1 point - Improvised Weapon proficiency
1 point - Martial Unarmed Strike (1d4, light, finesse)
6 points - Grappler (advantage on grapple; if unarmed strike or improvised weapon hits, bonus to grapple, action to Restrain grappled)

Remind me again why the unarmed strike doesnt count as a weapon? Is there a balance reason? Is it ok if the "Martial" Unarmed Strike upgrade can count as a "natural weapon"? Can natural weapon work with most features that require a "melee weapon"?


Mind Mage
Great Weapon Master
3 points - Cleave (if melee weapon crits or reduces to 0 hit points, bonus melee weapon attack)
5 points - Wreckless (before heavy melee weapon attack, can remove proficiency and add double it to damage: −2/+4, −3/+6, etc.)
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Mind Mage
8 points - Medic (action for Healers Kit heals 1d6 + (proficiency x2) hitpoints, while also stabilizing any dying; one can be healed this way per long rest)
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Mind Mage
Heavy Armor Master
4 points - Heavy Armor Master (requires heavy armor proficiency; wearing heavy armor, each hit from nonmagical bludgeon, pierce, slash damage, reduces by proficiency)
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Mind Mage
Inspiring Leader
8 points - Morale (inspiring your team, you and allies within 30 feet who understand your language for 10 minutes, grants yourselves your Cha+proficiency temporary hit points; one can gain morale this way per short or long rest)
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