Cyberpunk RED Has A November 14 Release Date

After COVID-related delays, we have a release date for Cyberpunk RED! The 456-page hardcover is coming out in November for the price of $60.


You can get the PDF on the 14th of November, and the hardcover on the 19th.

You can read about the contents of the book here.

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Fingers crossed that there are no more delays and the book goes to stores as planned. 🤞🏻Really excited about this new version, the jumpstart kit quenched my thirst for Cyberpunk only a little, want to deep dive in the full rules.

I was very interested in, but never got to play, CP when it came out.

I'll be watching this with interest. My only hesitation is that it is tough to find enough CP-style tactical maps for a long-term campaign.

I don't know if you're familiar with "The Giant Book of Cyberpunk Battle Maps". It looks like a great product.

Not for me. I use a VTT in a F2F game. But I'll still check out the game; I can always throw in a retro architecture craze/fad into the setting if the rest of it is good enough.

I don't get it. What is VTT, F2F and craze/fad?
VTT= Virtual Table Top. Everyone at my table has a laptop with MapTools installed, and instead of minis, we have pogs (images of PCs and NPCs) which we move around highly detailed maps. The program calculates distance, etc.; markers can be added to creatures to shopw temporary states (wounded, etc), and the GM can move pogs around that the players can't see (invisible, not within field of view, etc). You can also set it so the players can only see what is within the range of the light sources their PCs are carrying.

F2F: Face to face, where all the gamers are gathered around a table, as opposed to gaming over the net.

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