D&D Alumni stickied please


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In the D&D forum, can Ed Greenwood's, Jim Ward's, and other great alums' threads be stickied please? It's a genuine pleasure to read their stories and perspectives, but there's a mess of other posts there that make them hard to find.

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Well, that was fun
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What, all of them? There’s dozens. One more every week. They’d take up the entire first page of the forum. :)

There are other ways to find them:

Authors page

History article topic


Rule Lawyer Groupie
@Theo R Cwithin Oh god, very well hidden!

@Morrus True dat, but surely you can sticky 1 post that refers to that history section, I never would have found it on my own <<< old guy

@R_J_K75 Probably, but the point is to make these pearls of wisdom available to all, and I wanted to point some of my buddies to them

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