D&D 5E D&D Beyond Giving Away Acquisitions Inc and Phandelver For Free!

The ownership of D&D Beyond formally switches over to Wizards of the Coast this week, following WotC's recent acquisition of the platform for $146M. To mark this occasion, they're giving away two D&D books in digital format -- 2019's comedic Aquisitions Incorporated (because DDB was 'acquired', presumably?) and the D&D Starter Kit adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver.

The switchover to WotC happens tomorrow, Tuesday 18th. As of today, D&D Beyond is also retiring Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, while a new Starter Set is coming later this year.

You can claim Acquisitions Incorporated one week, from May 19th through to May 26th; Phandelver will be available for free to everybody from now on.


Acquisitions Incorporated -- When you’re just starting out in the adventuring business, it might be nice to have a leg up. It can be a big help to have access to the powerful artifacts, expertise, and jobs that Acquisitions Incorporated (Acq Inc) has to offer a new franchise. Join Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, and Viari like never before with the new Acquisitions Incorporated campaign book for Dungeons & Dragons! Set yourself up for success when pursuing your own fantasy-business endeavors, using all the ingredients you need to include Acquisitions Incorporated in your D&D campaign, to establish your own franchise, and take on specialized roles therein. Plus, there are always openings coming available… Just try not to think about why.

Lost Mine of Phandelver -- One of the first D&D 5E adventures, this is part of the D&D Starter Set. It is used to introduce new players to the game.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Unrelated to any issues present on the web version, is anyone having trouble accessing these products on the app? They don't show up at all, marketplace or library, at least on my end (admittedly I'm using an Amazon Fire that I forcibly downloaded Google Play onto, but it still keeps things up-to-date and they function fine since the Fire uses the Android architecture). Are some things available off the website not meant to be available on the app for some reason?

Acquisitions Inc. shows up just fine on the app for me (Google pixel phone).

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Acquisitions Inc. shows up just fine on the app for me (Google pixel phone).
Well that's worrisome. I can't tell what other products aren't immediately available to me, but maybe they're hiding in my library now that I went to the website proper and nabbed them. I mean, I also own the physical copies so it's not like I'm depending on having digital ones anyways 😅

EDIT: My hypothesis was correct! I went to the Owned section of the app and now they're available for download onto my tablet. Looks like I'll have to keep that in mind if I intend to make any actual purchases with DDB to go through the website and THEN come back for them on the app.
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I can't help feeling that it is a perfect irony that a book parodying corporate stupidity got it's marketing completely wrong! If it had been a book about stronghold/organisation building without the jokes, I'm sure it would have sold much better and they wouldn't have found themselves in the situation of giving it away!


I crit!
It’s true that giving it away in dnd beyond seems to have improved its hardcover sales but I dint think they’ve had any real issues selling that book. Looks like it’s done rather well.

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