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I crit!

Wow! Here is the breath weapon.

The death dragon's breath weapon automatically kills any creature that is reduced to 0 hit points by the attack, but it doesn’t stop there. Any creature killed by this attack, along with any other humanoid corpse within the area of effect, immediately arises as zombies. This means resurrection and raise deadwon’t work on creatures killed by this effect. Revivifywill work, but you’ll need to re-kill your party member and revive them within the allotted minute. If you fall outside that minute, you’ll need to gamble with reincarnate or wait for true resurrection to bring your zombified party member back.


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bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
Oh there is a companion article about what to do when a dragon dies. Some neat ideas in this.

One of the things suggested on dragon death is to have a horde of dragonborn and/or kobolds rise in the region

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