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WotC D&D Celebration Online Convention Schedule Released


So, the three big stand outs for me from the following:

  • Principal game designers Jeremy Crawford & Chris Perkins at 10 AM on Friday will preview the new books.
  • at 4 PM on Sunday Liz Schuh (Director of Product Management) & Ray Winninger (Executive Producer) will discuss the future of the Dungeons & Dragons Studio.
  • Sunday at 1 PM, Daniel Mean and the Asians Represent crew will do a panel on doing Asian material in D&D: kind of a big thing, since he came at Wizards pretty hard in Social Media. It seems WotC listened.


7:45 AM: Introduction

8:00 AM: D&D Live Game: Oxventure

10:00 AM: Panel: Dungeons & Designers

11:00 AM: D&D Live Game: How We Roll

1:00 PM: Panel: Adventurers Wanted: Live

2:00 PM: D&D Live Game: A Darkened Wish

4:00 PM: Panel: Invisible Dragons: Designing Mental Health Adventures

5:00 PM: D&D Live Game: Rivals of Waterdeep

7:00 PM: Panel: How to Become a D&D Designer

8:00 PM: D&D Game: Acquisitions Inc.


10:00 AM: Dungeons & Designers
With a brand-new adventure kicking off and a massive new rules update announced, Dungeons & Dragons has something for every gamer, whether player or DM! Principal game designers Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins sit down with Elle Osili-Wood for an insider’s guide to Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, the upcoming Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, and more!

Moderator: Elle Osili-Wood
Panelists: Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins

1:00 PM: Adventurers Wanted: Live
Find out all the newest news about D&D’s organized play, D&D Adventurers League! It’s time for new stories, information about the next campaign season, and updates to the AL guidelines. Join our discussion and catch a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Moderator: Amy Lynn Dzura
Panelists: Ma'at Crook, Claire Hoffman, LaTia Jacquise

4:00 PM: Invisible Dragons: Designing Mental Health Adventures
Tackling mental health awareness is always a challenge, but through D&D and with a caring approach, can be an adventure. Join a crew of experienced mental health experts and advocates as they speed-build the structure for a mental health-themed adventure live with your participation!

Moderator: Raffael "Dr. B" Boccamazzo
Panelists: Krystina Arielle, Makenzie De Armas, Dr. Kelli Dunlap, Gabe Hicks

7:00 PM: How to Become a D&D Designer
So you want to share your adventure with the world, but don't know how to start? Join several Dungeon Masters Guild community authors as they discuss how they approach creating and publishing their content. Includes live Q&A with the community!

Moderator: Lysa Penrose
Panelists: Justice Arman, Celesete Conowitch, Ashley Warren


7:45 AM: Introduction

8:00 AM: D&D Live Game

11:00 AM: Panel: Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable

12:00 PM: D&D Live Game

3:00 PM: Panel: What It Means To Be A Bard

4:00 PM: D&D Live Game: Viva La Dirt League/Dragon Friends

7:30 PM: D&D Live Game: I Speak Giant


11:00 AM: Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable
A gathering of epic storytellers, listen to tips, advice, and tales from some of the most notable Dungeon Masters in our community!

Moderator: Kelly Lynne D'Angelo
Panelists: Travis Mcelroy, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Satine Phoenix, B. Dave Walters, Deborah Ann Woll

3:00 PM: What It Means To Be A Bard
Bards, throughout history, have been the storytellers that shape entire cultures and societies with their words & their song. We shall dissect the very meaning of the word & break down the truths around the class, both in game & out.

Moderator: Omega "Critical Bard" Jones
Panelists: Krystina Arielle, Kelli Butler, Lauren Urban, Eugenio Vargas


7:45 AM: Introduction

8:00 AM: D&D Live Game: High Rollers

10:00 AM: Panel: Inclusive Dungeon Design for the Intrepid Adventurer

11:00 AM: D&D Live Game: Realmsmith

1:00 PM: Panel: Weaving Asian Stories

2:00 PM: D&D Live Game: Dicestormers

4:00 PM: Panel: Inside the D&D Studio


10:00 AM: Inclusive Dungeon Design for the Intrepid Adventurer
Whether you are an Apprentice Abjurer building your first tower or a Veteran Vampire Lord constructing yet another catacomb, dungeon design can seem daunting. In under an hour, Jennifer Kretchmer (D&D Beyond’s Silver and Steel), Makenzie De Armas (MCDM’s Kingdoms and Warfare), Alicia Marie (DC FanDome), Elsa Sjunneson (The Fate Accessibility Toolkit), and Sara Thompson (The Combat Wheelchair) will help you navigate the pitfalls—both the figurative and trap varieties—while creating a playable dungeon with an emphasis on accessible design. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beholder.)

Moderator: Jennifer Kretchmer
Panelists: Makenzie De Armas, Alicia Marie, Elsa Sjunneson, Sara Thompson

1:00 PM: Weaving Asian Stories
Asian themes in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons are usually characterized by two words: "exotic" and "mysterious". How do you go beyond these terms? How do you break free of harmful Asian stereotypes at your gaming table? The Asians Represent podcast and friends will discuss how to more positively navigate Asian cultures in D&D game design, narrative representation, and ethical game play.

Moderator: Daniel Kwan
Panelists: Ahmed Aljabry, Steve Huynh, Ammar Ijaz, Pamela Punzalan

4:00 PM: Inside the D&D Studio
Where does Dungeons & Dragons go from here? How does the D&D team decide what products to make and what settings to visit, in order to further the game? Moderator Elle Osili-Wood sits down with Director of Product Management Liz Schuh and Executive Producer Ray Winninger for a behind-the-scenes discussion about the continuing creation and stewardship of Dungeons & Dragons.

Moderator: Elle Osili-Wood
Panelists: Liz Schuh, Ray Winninger
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You might want to adjust the formatting of the post - it makes it look like all the people on the Weaving Asian Stories panel are white people, instead of it being Daniel Kwan as the moderator with the other 4 panelists. Maybe adding a couple of lines and maybe a horizontal rule between each panel for legibility.

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