D&D Celebrity Satine Phoenix & Husband Jamison Stone Accused Of Abuse Towards Freelancers

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D&D influencer Satine Phoenix, and her husband Jamison Stone, who run tabletop gaming company Apotheosis Studios, have been accused of abusive behavior towards freelancers and contracted workers.

Satine Phoenix is a well-known D&D personality and creator, and was the D&D Community Manager for about a year back in 2018. Both she and Stone have appeared in many events and streaming shows, and have worked with WotC, Geek & Sundry, and other companies. Recently their Kickstarter campaign Sirens: Battle of the Bards raised over $300,000. At GaryCon, a US gaming convention, the couple held a public wedding.


Accusations were initially leveled last week against Stone by tattooist Chad Rowe, who tweeted about the abusive way in which Stone, as his client at the time, treated him. The artist was "insulted, berated, and talked down to as if I was a lesser person". Other reports started to roll in as people shared similar experiences, with people revealing how they had been bullied by them, and how the pair frequently portrayed themselves as 'better' than those they worked with. At the time of writing there have been many such reports including one from voice actress and designer Liisa Lee who was subjected to underhanded business practices by Phoenix and her then partner Ruty Rutenberg. Others indicated difficulties in getting paid for work done for Stone and Phoenix or their company.

Lysa Penrose reported on problematic interactions while Phoenix worked at WotC, who was the primary point of contact regarding a report of abuse. Penrose reports that Phoenix failed to pass on the reports of abuse, and continued to publicly associate with the abuser.

Jamison Stone has since resigned as CEO of Apotheosis Studios (though the pair do own the company) and issued a long apology which has been widely criticized. Phoenix released a statement about a week later. Screenshots leaked from a private channel indicate that they have adopted a strategy of shifting the blame onto Stone, so that Phoenix's public image remain intact, with Stone writing “I also am ensuring behind the scenes ... we shield Satine as much as physically possible from damage.”

D&D In A Castle, which is an event which hosts D&D games run by professional DMs in a weekend break in a castle, has dropped the pair from its lineup, as has Jasper's Game Day, an organization which works to prevent suicides. Origins Game Fair, at which the couple are celebrity guests, removed Stone from its guest list, but not Phoenix, stating that "staff assessed that there was no immediate risk of physical harm".

According to ComicBook.com. former collaborator of Phoenix, Ruty Rutenberg, is suing Phoenix, alleging misappropriation of $40,000 of stream network Maze Arcana's money.

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Doesn't matter. It puts you on record admitting what you've done. Your sincerity is secondary to the public admission.

The non-apologies persist because they avoid actually taking responsibility. The three-part apology forces you to take it.
Public admission is important. But I still would rather those that actually want to be sincere need to take a few minutes to think about (or Google) how to do it.

Maybe though it matters little, for those that are not sincere won't spend the time to "do it right" anyway.

But let's stick with discussing that Satine is obviously not sincere. She is saying what she thinks she has to say to minimize damage. It's a PR damage control reaction, not an apology.


I crit!
Not sure what this means, if they are out if GaryCon or not? But it isn’t good for them. Also see the post further up that thread from the McElroys.



We should start teaching the three-part apology in job training and schools.

1) Express sincere regret for the harm you've done.
2) Express what, exactly, you did that was harmful, and why.
3) If possible, say how you will make it better, or avoid it in the future.

Like, "Oh, geeze! I'm sorry! Stepping on your toes must have hurt! I'll try my best to stay farther away from people on the dance floor next time. Do you need some ice or something?"
We'd have to change all the text books from the current process:

1) Deny until irrefutable proof emerges
2) Apologize while mitigating any responsibility or the severity of what you did.
2b) (Optional) Do something worse during your apology, goto 1).
3) Blame the victim and say you're being canceled using your massive platform
4) Accuse your victims of actually doing the thing you did.
5) Normalize accusing anyone who opposes you of doing the thing you did.


Though is it possible to make an apology to social media which works? Somebody may have successfully done it in the last 10 years, but if so, I missed it and I feel like that would be big news. I would challenge anybody to write an apology which was accepted by onlookers. I'm fairly convinced it's not actually possible.
I'm a bit late to this party, but one example that comes to my mind is Dan Harmon (TW sexual harrasment): He harassed Community writer Megan Gantz while she was writing in the show, and the story came out during #MeToo. Harmon issued what felt like a heartfelt apology, owned up to his mistake and seems to have taken steps to be better. As a result, Gantz has said she forgave him and his reputation seems pretty unscathed.

Edit: It seems @Mistwell beat me to the punch by a long shot! This is what I get for writing a comment without getting up to date on the thread..


Yep they removed my review of a book when they found out I was friends with the author even though I became friends with him months AFTER I wrote and published the review. A “rival” author reported it. Lots of politics go on in those review spaces. The author and I had interacted before hand but it was in relation to a different matter dealing with online harassment we both were dealing with from the same group of people… the same people who later, most likely, reported the review when we actually became friends through mutual work in a non-profit.

Ghal Maraz

Is there a reason this story hasn't already reached the News status? Seems quite relevant and has some potentially huge impact.

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